Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work, Work, Work

Even though most of my classes are online this semester and I'm not driving in to work as much (because the gas money to get there eats up pretty much everything I make on most shifts), I'm still keeping quite busy.  I do about 5 hours of homework per day, and when I'm not doing that, I'm getting stuff done around the farm.

This week happens to be the last "free" week I have before my CNA class starts.  I'm hoping to work nearby as a CNA this summer to get clinical experience.  So, to start my day today, I went into town and got the first of what will surely be many TB skin tests to come.  

I seem to be getting over my incompatibility with needles fairly quickly because this one didn't even phase me.  While it was very small, it also went in at an angle and filled up a big bubble underneath my skin--not the most pleasant of experiences but definitely not one of the worst by any stretch of the imagination.

With the first part of that test done (evaluation of injection site will be on Friday), I went to the grocery store, went to the Sheriff's office to fill out a form so we can burn more wood piles in the future, then came home and got to work.  Evie helped. 

Seriously.  She did!  

Okay, she didn't, but she was awfully cute not-helping.

The first thing I did was to get the additional irises that my wonderful sis-in-law mailed to me in the ground so hopefully a few will bloom this summer.

Then, where the flags are, I took some coneflower seeds from by the other shelter and planted them here, hoping they will emerge this summer.  I put the flags there to remind me not of where I planted them but that I actually DID plant something there.  Last summer I planted some dahlias by the pump house and promptly, completely forgot about them, so when I went to weed the flower bed I pulled the newly-emerged plants up along with the weeds.  Dur!!

So, this time, I tried to take the necessary precautions against my dinginess.

After that, I moved a bunch of dirt by hand (boy, do I need a tractor with a scoop!) to fill in Eddie's grave.  It keeps sinking for some reason, making it really difficult to establish grass here.  I hope that this is the last time I have to move dirt here.  I'd love to get some bermuda established and make this area nice like I planned.

I then took a little break and gave Bambi a good brushing.  The horses are shedding off their winter coats already!  I tried to get a picture showing her baby-bump:

She's not due until April 15, she's naturally quite wide, and she's also a maiden mare, so she's not showing a ton.  I'm actually glad the baby is staying fairly small because Bambi herself is a tiny mare.  I'd rather her have a small foal at first--it can always catch up later!  All I want is for momma and baby to be safe and healthy--anything above and beyond that will just be icing on the cake!

Paula is a green-eyed monster right now--she is so envious of Bambi's extra attention, the dairy-quality alfalfa she's receiving, and she will be even more jealous when the foal gets here.  Paula LOVES babies!

One day she'll have a baby of her own, when I can afford a suitable stallion for the cross, as well be able to afford the training I'd want the foal to have.  For now, Paula will have to be content with being an aunt.

After Bambi's grooming I got back to work in the garden, this time weeding the existing garden behind the first shelter, cutting back the decorative grass and basically readying it for the tulips that are beginning to emerge.

By the time I got all the gardening done, evening was approaching and it was time for chores.  The horses all got their evening meals.

Fabian is always perfectly content with his dehydrated alfalfa and oats.

However, Paula always reluctantly settles for the substitute hay.  Like her I pray this drought is officially over and I alfalfa will once again be plentiful this summer.

Once the chickens are in the coop and locked up, I let Milton out, who thinks it's his job to make sure I did all my chores correctly.  He seems to check in with Fabian.
You good, man?  Cool.

Since it was such a beautiful day, the dogs and I sat outside and enjoyed some quiet time before going in for the night.

Charlie is still doing well after our scare a few weeks ago.  He seems as healthy and happy as ever (knock on wood)!

Sophie surveys the farm....

...and Evie keeps a lookout for any squirrels to chase.

Then we all came inside, I fed the dogs, gave my ancient cat his special chew-free dinner and then I sat down to my own--Ginger Steak Salad.  Yum!

 After a busy day it's time to hit the hay.

  Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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