Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colorado Man Plans Public Slaughtering

My mom just sent this to me:

"LOCHBUIE - The flyer says a horse owner needs help finding executioners. He wants people to come to his property and help gun down 24 horses.

The Weld County Sheriff's Office says the flyer is being passed around the county by 64-year-old Trenton Parker. According to the sheriff's office, Parker is upset because he faces a 90-day jail sentence for contempt of court because he didn't clean up his property, which is at County Roads 8 and 35 north of Lochbuie. He was first ordered to remove converted mobile homes from his property on Dec. 31, 2007 and the sheriff's office says he hasn't. The mobile homes are a violation of county zoning codes. On the flyer, Parker says he's looking for riflemen to publicly execute 24 registered horses as a way to protest the zoning codes. He says the shootings will happen at high noon on Sept. 5. "I've never seen anything like this before in my experience in law enforcement," Shane Scofield with the Weld County Sheriff's Office said.

The sheriff's office stresses that anyone who participates in the shooting would face felony animal cruelty charges. "I would like to think that after reading something like this, there would not be a person in the county, or a person around in the state, that would actually be interested in taking somebody up on this. However, you know there are different things that different people find acceptable. Where you or I, or other people, may find this repulsive, other people may find this to be an acceptable activity or something they might be interested in doing," Scofield said. 9NEWS spoke with Parker on the phone and he said, "Yes, we're going to kill the horses. We have to." Deputies say Parker is due in court on Sept. 8 on the contempt of court charges.

Investigators also say that Parker left a threatening voice mail at the county zoning department. When the zoning department got the voice mail, the employees called the sheriff's office. On the voice mail, deputies say Parker graphically described how he would kill his horses. According to an incident report, "It would be done in public, he would kill one every day for a week on the front steps of the court house, at CSU and other public places. He would stab them in the belly three or four times, killing the foal and then he would bash the mare's brains in."

On the voice mail, Parker also said he would starve the horses because he didn't have any sheds to put hay in "because the courts were making him get rid of all buildings and trailers." Parker was arrested for an unrelated assault in March, but the victim decided not to pursue the charges.

The National Horse Rescue Association (NHRA) heard about the flyer on Tuesday and says it's making an effort to "stop the slaughter." The NHRA says the horses are going to be slaughtered because the zoning codes have forced Parker to close a breeding center."

--Wow, sounds like such an upstanding citizen *cough.* Maybe he's the one who should be gutted and his head bashed in publically. It would be a service to the community.


Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

This is shocking,he sounds like a lunitic....some people ...I agree with you!

Anonymous said...

That guy is/was terrible and/or terribly crazy! I am morbidly curious whether any NRA types were eager to shoot their guns against the NHRA, though. Both types should be carefully studied in a prison lab somewhere, in my humble opinion.