Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This and That

I learned a few things tonight:

(1) Did you know that mules cannot be tobiano or overo? Any coloration is "skewed" color, so even if you breed a donkey to a homozygous mare, you aren't guaranteed color.

The more you know....

(2) If you wear strappy sandles and try to open up a jammed door with dogs underfoot on the top of a porch, this is what will happen to you.

The more you know....

I really did land with my face on the ground, too, although my back hit the stairs. Thankfully it held up. Thank goodness I'm healed!! My foot hurts like a booger, though.

Thank God for the 7 years of dance lessons my parents paid for. I mean, I wouldn't want to be clumsy or anything....

Finally, this isn't more informative as it is just passing along information, but Jeni emailed me tonight and I thought I'd pass it along:

"Hey Jessie cleaning tack room and came across a couple Farnams Supermask fly masks I forgot I had.. Wanting to sell them..If you know anyone who might be interested please give them a yell for me. The one is yearling size and the other is XLARGE. They are brand new, never been out of the box or on a horse. Price is 7.00 each with shipping. I would make sure the shipping was the cheapest way possible. I suspect at the most it would be 10 for each unless both were together and then it would probably be less. If you know anyone... I would appreciate a referral."

Here's a picture of a Farnam that I have. I really like these kind. I'm sure Jeni's is in a lot better shape than this one:

If I didn't already have all the masks I needed I'd sure get them, but I'm stocked up, so let me know if you'd like Jeni's contact info, or she is on the Followers list over to the left (horserazr).


knoyes said...

Oh Yes, I'll have that mule please!!!!! That will work for me.

And, ummmmm, is Paula trying out for the spot of resident mule? Her left ear seems to ahve issues. Poor girl!

What a night we had, that medicine I gave Brian sure made him do some fancy dreaming and talking in his sleep.....and I had to try and figure out if he was just chatting things up or needed something. Wow! No more of that stuff unless all esle fails.....poor guy, can't wait til he gets up to see if he remembers any of it.

Take care, love ya, Kim

Jessie said...

LOL--I thought that one was such a cutie!!

Yes, Paula has long been my own mule baby. In fact, I have pictures of her twin--I'll try to post tonight. It's hilarious!! Poor girl's ears are so floppy--always have been. Neither parents' ears were and Ringo has handsome ears, to poor Paula got the short end of the genetic stick there LOL!

Sorry to hear about your rough night. I can't imagine all the stuff they probably want to give him. I hope you can find the right combination to allow him to rest peacefully--and you get some rest, too!

Please do try to take care of yourself. I know Brian wants you to as well.

Lots of hugs and love,