Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coop'n Time

Here lately I've been on a huge coupon kick. I jumped right in, learned that there are different types of coupons, with their own sets of rules and you evidently have to do a lot of preparation to get them to play nice together, much like planning a 5-year old's birthday party.

I thought I'd share what I've found so far, as long as you promise to share what you find with me.



OK, first of all, read this blog:

Tres cool. Tres cool indeed. Be sure to check out her links on how to get started, how to stockpile, etc.

In the past two weeks I've gotten 3 bottles of laundry detergent for under $6. I also have an extra bottle of shampoo and conditioner--I was completely out last week and now I have a stockpile, all done for less than $9.

Then I found the coupon sites:

For those folks near Kansas City, Hy-Vee conveniently matches up coupons on their website!

I've also found that so far for the Kansas City area, CVS has the best rewards. I spent $25 last week on 4 12-packs of diet pepsi, a case of bottled water, the laundry detergent and shampoo/conditioner I mentioned above, lotion, face wash and hand lotion and still got back $9 in rewards and a coupon for free chocolate.

Obviously the clincher here is free chocolate.

They don't know me.

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Sydney said...

Chocolate is the deal breaker always.