Sunday, August 9, 2009

Travel'n Partner

Today was a GREAT day. I wasn't expecting to do much at all, but I ended up being quite busy! I did run to the store and got a load of water and on the way back home I got a call from my hay guy that he was cutting the alfalfa today. I hadn't planned on getting any hay until next paycheck, but he said I could pay him next week, so I set out towards Butler to pick up a load of alfalfa.

And I brought my travel'n buddy along....

It was such a gorgeous day out and we buzzed down the country roads and got there in no time.

The field was all ready, so I turned into the lanes and started loading up the alfalfa.

Too bad Sophie can't drive the truck for me....

Soon we were heading back home to unload the hay. I was tired, sweaty, and covered in itchy hay, but Sophie was her always loyal self and kept me company on the way back home.

I got the hay unloaded into the shed. The alfalfa, along with the prairie hay (thanks to Rhodes Paint Horses) is making a nice little start for what we'll need for the winter.

I'm gonna need more pallets....

Then my neighbor let me know that she is going to trade in her truck (the cash for clunkers deal) and she had a full tank of gas, so I got some free gas and hauled as much water as I could with her truck tonight. Of course Sophie joins me, once again.

She thinks it's her job to keep tabs on me, which is a good thing. You never know what kind of shenanegans I'd get into without her.

Finally, I found out tonight I'll get to renew my lease this winter without any issues. I am so happy--this will be the first time I've stayed longer than a year in one place for a long time. I can start putting in some permanent fencing so when Eddie comes home he can have his own pasture. Now all I have to do is work hard to eventually buy it. I love it out here. I'm estatic!!!

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