Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paula's Mule Twin

Funny that Kim mentioned Paula's mule-like qualities in her comments, because I've always teased that Paula was my resident mule. When she was born her ears were of epic proportions:

And not only were they big, but they are floppy. Neither of her parents have exceptionally floppy ears, but Paula somehow, in this wonderful crapshoot that is the genetic lottery, became the recipient of long, floppy ears.

But I love her anyway. Paula is very loved, by many--floppy ears and all.

So over the years I have actually found mule twins of Paula's. Here is one that I saw a few weeks ago.

Paula's head is a bit better, but you have to admit, it's pretty darned close!

Another shot of Paula's mule twin:

I hope Paula is as versitile and apparently nice-moving as her mule twin is!

I'd say poor Paula, but this mule-twin seems to be pretty kick-ass (no pun intended), so perhaps it's not so bad to be called a mule. If she accomplishes as much as her twin has, I'll be tickled plum to death.

Big, floppy ears and all.....

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