Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday in Paradise

Today was one of those perfect days. It was sunny out, there was only a touch of a breeze, the weather wasn't too hot or too cold. It was just right, Goldielocks.

I moved the kids around some, took down one of the fences to allow the girls access to the south pen, and mowed. I wish I could have done more, but I'm still healing. It's exhausting compensating for the pain in my lower back--I get wore out pretty quick, but I feel like I still got something accomplished, plus I got some pretty darned good pictures, if I do say so myself.

I let Patience and JJ out to graze in the yard. Samson went to go check them out.

Could he actually be doing his "job" as a livestock guardian?

Maybe not. He's too cute to have to work, and he knows it.

He likes to camp out with Charlie in the grass.

Just to give you an idea of how big Samson has gotten, Charlie weighs in right at 50 pounds.

The girls enjoyed getting out into a new area. Bambi takes the prettiest pictures--I'm so proud of my girls. Click on the picture to get a better view.

Paula was absolutely fascinated by the cows in the pasture behind us.

She kept running up and down the pen, staring at the cows, then going back to the girls. Sophie followed her. They look like traveling buddies.

Laramie and Bambi are buds, too.

They started playing around and were out of breathe when I took this picture. Poor Laramie--the fly mask doesn't quite cover all of her nose. She's a little sunburned!

The girls' pretty faces again. I think they're so cute together, burnt noses and all. Pay no attention to my fence-mending. All will be replaced by electric rope fencing (5 strand) hopefully by next spring, so I make due for now.

Samson, get to work!

The girls all take off running again.

Sophie and I have been working on her *not* chasing the horses when they play. It ticks them off! She's really smart but has a hard time controlling her instincts. She's almost got it down, though. She's really a good girl--or she tries hard to be :)

Gotta love the big booties.

Although this is a bad, bad picture of Truly's filly, I had to include this shot of Bambi taking off! She was really having fun today.

This isn't a good horse-shot, but kind of an interesting artistic-type one. If nothing else, I love the colors.

Bambi. Pretty, pretty Bambi. If the market wasn't the way it was, I'd be buying her momma back in a heartbeat. This cross really exceeded my expectations.

Final thought: I really need a name for this pretty girl right here. Her registered name is Truly a Hustler. I thought about calling her Truly since she reminds me of her momma so much, but it just doesn't seem right. I've thought about Grace, Tiffany (kind of "Truly's filly" smashed together), and Sweetie because she is such an incredibly sweet, kind filly.

So anyone have any ideas? Obviously I'm fresh out!

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