Monday, August 10, 2009

They're Here!!!

I found out quite an interesting piece of information tonight.

Peggy, my neighbor (and my landlord's mother--she is WONDERFUL! I ADORE her!!) and I had a nice visit tonight. In all our visits one very interesting fact has never been discussed until tonight.

My house sits on an old cemetery!

Now this stuff doesn't creep me out. In fact, it's a selling point for me (weird, I know LOL!). I LOVE old cemeteries--so much history.... I am sad in that someone destroyed a sacred area to put this house on (or near--we're not entirely sure where it was) but it was very close to this house. In fact pictured is the only known remaining headstone.

From what I can tell it says "B.K. Erwin, died _____ 1835." I can't read the last line. I'll get a rubbing of it soon and should be able to tell more.

There is also a story of some Civil War soldiers marching across this hill and the wounded were left here. They fought the battle up the road and when they came back the wounded had died and were buried here as well....

More research is definitely needed! Anyone have a metal detector I can borrow?


Sydney said...

ooooh thats cool and creepy. Any ghosts?

Jessie said...

Nope--I've been here a year and have never seen anything unexplainable (knock on wood). Ask me again when I'm out here all winter by myself! LOL!