Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On the Go!

I got this picture at work today:

It's really cool to see our combines in action. If anyone wonders what I do for a "real" job, I'm the person who makes sure that all the legalities are in place for these puppies as well as "revenue assurance," which basically means I help keep track of the money part as well. I really do love my job and it definitely keeps me on my toes and always learning something new. Although I have some basic functions that remain consistent, I also may be asked a question that takes me all day long to resolve or compile the data because no one had ever needed it before (which certainly makes things more interesting).

The cool thing about the above photo is usually you'll see three combines running together like this for wheat harvest. This is corn. That may seem like a small difference, but farmers know this is an unusual site, and pretty darned cool!

Speaking of work, I think I'll hook Paula up to this baby and see how it handles in rush hour:

I bet she'd get 20 miles per flake!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coming Soon to a Funny Farm near You

Or actually, just this funny farm.

Since I won't be able to post tonight I thought I'd take my quick lunch break to preview a bit of what I have planned. Hey, don't judge me. I'm not the only one flaking off at work!

Our hard-earned tax dollars at "work."

So anyway, here's what I have planned for some future blog posts:

(1) Whether we like it or not, winter is coming. I personally would rather skip right over winter, go right into spring, skip summer and settle on into fall again, but Mother Nature refuses to take my advice (she's such a snob) so we just have to cope, I suppose.

There's so much I need to do to get ready for winter around here. I'll talk about my plans, what all I have done *snort* and try to gather some ideas from others to try to make the icy months just a little easier on us all.

(2) Your only clue for this post is, what do these two things have in common?

A Buffalo

and a sombrero.
(3) More farrier work. Much more farrier work....

(4) My office. Before...

and after.

Well, not really (I wish) but I will show what I've done and the exact cost. I think you'll be a bit surprised at how much I saved by selling that monstrosity above. Everyone really loved that armoir, but I'm actually happier with its replacement. More to come!!!

(5) I've been asked by several people (since I'm known as the "horse gal" by my co-workers and non-horsey friends) as to what to do for neglected horses in the area.

It is a sad situation to be sure, but it also brought up some ethical and philosphical questions I'd like to pose.

Stay tuned for our next exciting chapter on "As the Funny Farm Turns" (thanks Mom :). Or, if you prefer, "The Old, Decrepid, Crazy Blonde and The Not-So-Horseless!"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Morning in the Pasture

I thought for a change I'd better actually talk about the horses for once :)

I've been so swamped and have so much left to do, but this morning was absolutely gorgeous, and morning is always such a great time to take pictures. The kids are all so disheveled and ungroomed, but we can just call this grouping, "Rose Valley Ranch Herd a la Natural."

Paula thinks behind the pole we can't see her. I didn't tell her any differently.

Eek, I've been spotted!

Figures these two are always the first up....

Swine horses.


Then the boss lady shows up.

JJ can be called a lot of things, but never call him "Late for Dinner."

Eventually most of them give up on me when they see no bucket near me.

Most, anyway. Laramie is apparently ready for her close-up.

These can't tell they're brother and sister or anything.

Laramie has "Vogue" playing in her head: "Strike the pose....Vogue."

She even has Bambi and Paula playing along.

Paula and her brother JJ--he is going to end up a nice looking gelding, I think!

I submit to the jury, photographic evidence that Paula is a pushy broad.

She's the only one who never gives up hope that I'm hiding a morsel of food for her.

Sophie--a Study in Stages

Goodbye Sophie.

See ya.


Come back!


There's no place like home!

Meet (the real) Magnus

After realizing that I just don't have the funds this paycheck to neuter poor Magnus, I went ahead and let him out of jail, asked him please don't spray all over my house, crossed my fingers, said a prayer, and hoped for the best.

Well, he's settled right in.

I went ahead and just let him out, hoping that he was ok with dogs and other cats (and not really knowing), but even Sophie didn't phase him!

And he greeted Harley with a kiss! On his eye!

Seems the kiddo is home. He's enjoying some catnip on the scratching post as I write this. He's an incredible cat, really. He's done so well, from a bath to meeting all his new friends. He even knows what a spray bottle means--he runs for the hills! It is obvious he was very much loved at one point in his life.

And I'm pretty sure he's going to be very much loved once again :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sophie Wants to Go

I'm cheating tonight. I've got so much to post, but am just too darned tired, so tonight's entertainment is compliments of (once again) the Sophster.

Yesterday after running all over northeast Missouri, I backed the car up to the barn to unload the grain I got in Harrisonville (got yet another $10 off feed coupon in the mail--yippee!). I went inside, let the dogs out, got something to drink and walked back outside.

This is what was waiting for me....

Do you see her?

Maybe a closer look....

No windows were down. This goofy girl got ON the car and got in through the sunroof.

Yeah...she doesn't like to go. She loves it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Testicle Free Since 8:30...

Until about 11:30, anyway. OK, let me explain.

JJ had his gelding appointment this morning. He had an appointment earlier this week but it was pouring rain, so we postponed and finally got his "brain surgery" done today. All went well, except the vet had to give JJ 5 cc's of tranquilizer (normally it takes 3 cc's, regardless of size) and despite being super knocked out, JJ was up and walking around relatively quickly! I guess despite the fact he hasn't grown much in the last few months, he still lives up to his nickname of "The Moose," since we had to give him enough sedative to knock out a moose!

The vet kept saying what a nice colt he is, which made me feel pretty good about my goofy boy :) It was good to finally get that little operation taken care of and get JJ kicked out with the girls. He has had NO swelling at all (knock on wood) and is doing great.

He also loaded up and traveled by himself so well. He is such an incredible kid. I'm so thankful for him--he's going to be a really nice all-round show gelding for me to gave fun on, and hopefully go on some trail rides in the future, too!

OK, so that took care of our last boy here on the ranch... or so I thought.

Let me back up a bit. Yesterday I made the mistake of perusing a few ads on craigslist. I saw an ad for a Scottish Fold, which is a relatively rare breed of cat. I clicked on it, curious as to why anyone would be giving one up. Well, it was a vet clinic saying he had only one day left. I felt bad for him, but went on thinking I can't save them all. I had thought about getting Harley a buddy for quite sometime now, but I really hesitate getting another cat as Cartman got to be a real jerk to Harley. What if another cat was also a jerk? Cartman has a great home with my ex, Spencer, but it wouldn't be so easy to find a home for another jerk!

So I went on, feeling bad for the Fold but not really thinking anything about it. Later that night another person posted, pleading for his life. Again, I felt bad for the guy but didn't think much of it--so many poor cats are put down everyday because people won't spay/neuter their pets.

Well, a friend emailed me the ad early this morning, apparently knowing full well what a sucker I am (sigh). Third time was a charm and I came home with a big, lovable kitteh that will hopefully soon look something similar to this.

Meet Magnus:

Well, this isn't really Magnus, but the closest I could find to what he will hopefully look like after a bath, some proper food and GETTING FIXED! His coat is dull, he has scars all over him from tomcat fights, and he's on the lean side, but hopefully after some premium catfood and a little love and care he'll be this beautiful glowing blue color rather than the dull gray/blue color he is now. Same color, though, same eyes, and same ears :)

The poor kid is between 2 and 4 years old and he was the last cat left there today, and the end of today would have been the end of him. No one wants older cats--everyone wants a kitten. Well, I brought him home and I think his name should be Magnus.

Only problem is, he really isn't a Scottish Fold. The terrible truth is he has been on the streets for so long and so battle-scarred that his ears are the result of hemotomas that burst and damaged the cartilage in his ears! Poor kid. You'd never be able to tell from his demeanor, though. He is so incredibly sweet, quiet, well-behaved, loving, and did I mention sweet? Real pictures coming soon!

But....he needs to be fixed, so we were testicle free for a whole 3 hours today..... Boys, boys boys....

Eh, whatcha gonna do? :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

She's not spoiled, she just knows what she likes....

Modem is still down, but I took this on my phone today and had to share. Sophie doesn't care if I'm offline--her cuteness defies technological glitches.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Modem is Fried (among other things....)

My modem for my satellite internet got fried yesterday in the storms, so I have to wait on them to ship me a new one. At first they insisted on charging me a $95 service call just to plug in a new modem, but I adimantly refused and would not give in until they agreed to ship me the replacement part at no charge. These companies that put you into these contracts and then try to reem you sure do run a racket. But I'm a fairly *cough* stubborn person so it all got worked out!

So, if I don't email you back right away please understand....

I was going through my phone looking at some pictures of Samson, including the last one just the night before his accident. I found so many cute pictures I forgot I had!

Like this one of Sophie and her "baby." She LOVES her baby. I will have to write more about her baby later....

Sophie also loves to have her head out the truck window as we drive down the road. I always hang onto her--scares me to death that she's going to slip. She gets annoyed at her over-protective mom :)

Last picture of Samson.... He's in the truck and was so big he didn't know what to do. He had me laughing so hard because I'd chuckle and he'd turn and give me a big, sloppy kiss--he kept doing this so many times I was in stitches. He sure was a fun boy....

I will lighten that picture up later so you can actually see him. I need my photoshop!

This is Fabian learning to stand tied at Jennifer and Sandra's. Those girls are soooo good FOR him. Those girls will have his butt kicked into line in no time!! They are so good with their horses.
I loved this one...JJ and Charlie snoozin in the barn one afternoon. I'm going to start working on finishing the barn and getting it ready for winter this week. Considering just six months ago the whole thing was filled with white rock and not a single bit of lining (just all bare tin which I refuse to allow the horses to be up against without some sort of protection to keep their legs from going through it and being degloved). I had to haul all the rock out by hand--not too fun with my back and all, but it's almost done....finally! Yay!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life Goes On

First of all, thank you so much to everyone for their kind words in comments and emails. It really has helped make the last few days much easier to bear.

Despite the tragic beginning to this weekend, it actually turned out to be fairly good, or would be considered so under normal circumstances. It's hard to be happy when there's such a big void in our daily lives here, but life does go on, and this weekend it certainly did.

It looks like Patience has a new home! Margaret lives nearby and has shown horses for over 35 years. All her horses she currently owns she bred and raised--a couple are on lease just down the road and they are gorgeous, well-kept horses. I hope everything goes through just fine as Margaret would provide an ideal home for Patience.

Margaret came for a visit today and got to meet and work with Patience, and she was as thrilled with her demeanor as I am. She agrees--she'll be a perfect youth horse and she can't wait to introduce Patience to her granddaughters.

Of course the way things work, something could always fall through, but I am hopeful and optimistic Patience will be placed in this loving, knowledgable home. Margaret works at an Australian Shepherd show kennel and she said she'd be happy to groom Charlie for me for free! I was thrilled! I love getting Charlie professionally groomed, but at $50 a pop it's a luxery we can't afford, and poor Charles has to put up with a bath and brushing and nail trimming from his mom, without the fancy drying machines and professional bathing areas (I use a QuickTrip cup instead LOL). I'm doubly thrilled if Patience gets a home AND Charlie gets to be groomed up like the handsome dog he is!

I got a couple of tires on the truck this weekend. The Barn in Amsterdam is always such a fair place--two good actual truck tires for $70! The previous tire had been damaged by a large rock going THROUGH the tire, if you can believe it, so it was irrepairable. I went over my budget, so really need to get some of the tack items I have listed sold, but it was worth it for the piece of mind I now have getting around.

I also hauled lots of water, got the water tank cleaned out, poor fish caught and put back in (I'd have to think they probably really hate it everytime I disturb their little world LOL), and got started on mowing the pastures. I'll be putting up fence soon for some drylot areas so next spring I can keep the kids off the pasture until it's ready.

I also got some hay hauled and stacked in the barn, got some cleaning done and did take some time I needed to be alone and deal with what happened. It was difficult yesterday when Sophie looked all over the place for Samson, whining. I couldn't explain to her that he was gone. She didn't understand where he was.

I feel terrible that she lost her play buddy. Charlie tries but he tires quickly, he is old now. It's one thing to lose something you loved, but another to watch someone you love not understand what happened to her friend.

Much like Charlie misses Layla, I'm sure Sophie will really never be the same. People say they are just dogs, but they really do bond with each other and have that connection just like we do with them. Much like Charlie has learned to enjoy life even though he misses his dear friend Layla, I'm sure Sophie will be ok.

And so will I.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank you, Samson

Thanks, Boogie-boy, for making me laugh, for the extra-slobbery kisses, for making everyone who knew you fall in love with you. Thank you for always being so sweet and hugable. Thank you for being a such a damned good dog. You were just too good to stay here.

You were only a pup, but you left behind a lifetime of love from everyone who knew you.

Finding Time

Lately I've been in a very "git-er-done" attitude. I've listed several things I no longer need for sale. I've balanced my checkbook and done my budget for the next few months. I've clipped coupons, matched them up with sales and went to multiple stores to ensure I had the best deals and saved as much money as I could. I got all the horses' feet trimmed, decided to place Patience for adoption and have a few candidates lined up.

In all this, though, I think it's important to take the time to do certain things in life that are so important but often get overlooked.

This morning I started one of them that I've overlooked for the last 10 years--I joined a gym.

I know I lack the self-discipline to work out at home, and although taking care of 6 horses all by myself might seem like it would take a lot of physical activity, it apparently doesn't.

Bambi and I have something in common--we both could live off nothing. We both get fat off air. The only problem is, although it looks cute on her...

...on me, not so much.

So, I joined gym for the first time in 10 years. Hopefully it will help. I'm sure the kids would appreciate it when I go to ride them. :)

I think there are other things we need to make time for in our lives as well:

Laughing more...

I think it's also important to take the time to be thankful and enjoy what you have.

Because you never know when it might be gone tomorrow.