Monday, July 27, 2009

A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color...

...but there are plenty of bad horses with good color!

I have nothing against "color-breeders" in general. Actually, as a paint horse breeder, I'm somewhat included in that group, although I don't steer my program away from sorrels. I do appreciate a really nice dilute, double-dilute or homozygous horse when I do find one, though, so I thought I'd share a few really nice quality horses of color that I've found on the internet.

This boy makes my heart go pitter-pat :)

Skips Misty Cloud is a 2002 Cremello stallion standing at Brooks Paint and Quarter Horses. He is of the best Weiscamp breeding, top-of the line, and he RIDES. This stud not only produces non-sorrel foals, but he also has a job and competes in ranch horse competition.

I have always admired this horse:

A Tru Rolex has earned more points than any other APHA stallion ever! He has over THREE THOUSAND and he's homozygous both black and tobiano! This is really what color breeders should strive for--promoting their colored horse just as much as any sorrel (and this guy has clearly blown them all away)!

This one turned on the switch (to a new way of thinking):

Who said a halter horse couldn't be tobiano? Ima Switch Hitter went up against that stereotype and smashed it.

I'd like to make a toast to:

Champagne Cool. This is such a nice stallion. High quality and that always stunning champagne color...cheers!

Finally, a real gem:

Barlink Gold Rush is a old horse with a new color. They only recently discovered the Pearl gene, originating from the Barlink lines, which turns a dilute (in this case a palomino) into a very different, irridescent shade. This guy is gorgeous, proven, and has longevity on his side (something you don't see too often in halter horses anymore).

These stallions prove that there is much more to breeding (any) horse than just one aspect. Yes, they are horses of color, producers of color, but they also show that good conformation, promotion, showing, and producing more than just hay-burners are equally important qualities. Kudos to their owners and trainers for all their success!


Sydney said...

I'm not a big fan of paint horses. Why? Well I have seen far more ugly, mean, nasty horses that were coined "paints" than any other breed. I guess it has a lot to do with the krazy kolor fad happening in the 70's and 80's. I personally love IMA quick dream maker . He lives near me. I drive past him every day and he is absolutely breathtaking and his offspring are absolutely wonderful in disposition, conformation and versatility.

knoyes said...

Uh Oh!!! I am getting ready to get busted breeding for color....I must confess. Later on this fall, I am going to be in search of a Homozygous for the tobiano gene broodie. She must be rider bred and broodmare sound and she will be raising my new mule!! She can have other issues as long as she is maintainable and breedable. She will be visiting the court of "Budweiser" a stunning (he'll stun ya alright!) mammoth jack. You seem to be the queen of finding me stuff I don't need, so feel free to go on a hunt for the perfect girl, but she MUST be Homozygous Tobi. I prefer to buy (or take for free) but would consider a lease. Not sure if I want to breed for one or two years, but any old who. Keep me in mind!

Jessie Baker said...

Sydney, I don't blame you a bit. Even some bloodlines I stay away from just because they got so popular that they were bred to the point that few have any good qualities anymore, although the original horse might have been very nice....

Kim, girl, you know you're NOT included in the "kolur" crowd! LOL! In your own post you had other criteria, which just proves it :) You know me, I'll find you a mare! LOL!! I was going to ask if you're still going to breed for a mule. I've found myself adoring several mules lately--might be the way to go--they are certainly easier keepers than horses, from what I've heard. Turkeys and mules!! LOL!!!

knoyes said...

Well, she does have to be a great riding bred, good dispostion, good conformation and so on gal,, but she does also HAVE to be Homo for Tobi. So I figured that put me in the no-no place of breeding for color.

And all jokes aside, I will be on the hunt for this girl. I want to breed as early as the jack will (they can be tough breeders) and get a special colored mule. So I need her in hand late fall or early winter, before the first of the year for sure. Her base color is not important, but she has to be tested homozygous. So get to work......I have faith in you, I will travel to get her if the price is right and she'll get great care. Only thing is I can't go get her right away, so do't find the perfect mare just quite yet. Oh, larger mare is better, but I will consider all of them.

Jessie Baker said...

Hahahaha...yes, and having a good talk to Ebony about not giving you your black overo filly is breeding for color, too :) I tell you what, you keep breeding for that black overo and I'll keep taking those sorrel solids from ya *wink* *wink*

Related note: I absolutely can't want to see CJ--I found some pics you sent me while she was shedding and she's amazing (like ber big sis). I'm bummed I have to wait, but I know I'll get to spend lots of time with her next year :)

Poor Laramie is feeling neglected, kicked out on pasture. She told me so when I put her fly mask on this morning. I told her to shut up and go eat her field of alfalfa growing so tall I have to go MOW it LOL.

Any particular tobi bloodlines you like? I like the Tru Tru lines (Mr Tramp, Painted Tru Tru, Tru Bruiser). They tend to be shorter, though, so we might have to find you a HUS homozygous tobi. Hmmm..... :) That's a TALL order! ROFL!!!

knoyes said...

Nope, no certian bloodlines.....just has to be a good MULE momma, LOL. It is just important to me that the mare is of good pleasure or using bloodlines. Oddly enough, I do prefer a registered mare, don't know why, and of course most grade mares won't be tested for the tobi gene. She doesn't have to be tall, would rather shorter and stockier than tall and slender. So seriously, start looking and keeping your ears open. If you find one close to you, I will pay you to get and haul and keep her until I have some free time. She herself doesn't have to be rideable.

CJ is beautiful, not as fat, slick and fit as she was or shold be, but she is a doll. We will get her to you this fall.

Damn black overo babies....I didn't want one of those anyway (wink, wink) I LOVE the solid reds!

I am so tickled for next springs foal crop, there should be some really nice surprises in that group!

Jessie Baker said...

I forgot to mention that this cremello boy, I believe, will be one of my filly's future baby daddy :) So I'll be a kulor breeder too ROFL!! OMG, I just drool over him....

Laramie might be a solid red but man, is she a pretty shade. In the rain yesterday she looked completely different--she got so dark she looked almost red like Bambi.

The colored horses are cool, but give me a purty coppery sorrel anyday :)