Sunday, July 19, 2009

It wasn't meant to be....

Today I was supposed to go out to Kim's place and pick up Ebony and CJ to get CJ (Laramie's little sister) ready for the 5-Star.

The operative words are supposed to....

First, Sophie woke me up at 5 to go potty, so I let her out, she comes back in after doing her business and we go back to sleep. The next thing I know it's 6:30 and I hear a large crash (never did find out what that was as nothing is out of place in the house). I call for Sophie and she doesn't come. Finally she comes into the bedroom but she tries twice to jump onto the bed and can't. When she first misses I laughed, thinking she just missed her mark, but then I got worried.

I looked down and she acted like she was in trouble. I talk to her, tell her it's ok, she's not in trouble, but she still acts that way. I call her only to find she can't use her back legs! My heart skipped--this can't be happening! I poke and prod and move her and can't find anything wrong--she has plenty of strength and it doesn't appear to be a spinal issue at all. I carry her into my office and do an internet search, let Kim know we might not be coming, etc. I watch Sophie closely. She doesn't seem to be in pain, she just wont' use her back legs. I bring up the vet's number and get ready to call. I decide I'd better get dressed first, so I bring Sophie into the bedroom and carefully place her on the floor. I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and when I come back in she's on the bed!

OK, I figure, she can jump on the bed, then maybe we need to feel this thing out. I carry her outside and bring Laramie and JJ in and feed them. Soon Sophie is walking around ok. Long story short, she ends up being just fine. Weird!!

So, I go text Kim and let her know we're coming after all. However, I go into the garage and find this:

OK, no problem. I change it out and put the (very dirty) spare on.

Take a quick shower, hook up the trailer and we're finally on the road!

So we stop in Adrian and make sure the rest of the tires are sufficiently inflated, grab a drink and then head off towards Clinton. We pass Clinton, all is well, through Windsor and....


Wobble, wobble, wobble.....

Yep, blew a tire on the trailer. I was an idiot and didn't buy a spare before we left and of course the best way to blow a tire is to not carry a spare (cite: Murphy's Law).

So we hobble 35 miles back to Clinton to the only place open on a Sunday (Wally World) and wait almost an hour.

Sophie was still doing great, like our scare this morning never even happened.

Charlie is the best and waited so patiently.

So we turned around and went back home. It wasn't working. It got too late. I certainly didn't want something like this happening with a trailer full of horses late at night, so I gave up to fight again another day.

In all this frustration, though, it's important to remember the day could have been so much worse. I definitely remembered this as we passed by my vet's in Adrian on the way home. I could have been in there with Sophie, dealing with a paralysis or something. No matter what happened today, I am so thankful we are all healthy and safe.

By the way, check out how Sophie travels. Poor Charlie.

The funniest thing happened when we got home, though. I decided to clean out the area for the final stall in the barn and organize all my stuff. Well, I had a tarp folded up in the lean-to and I got it out to clean it and put it in the garage. There were of course mice hiding in it. Sophie was messing with one, and I felt like since she didn't kill it it was cruel what she was doing, so I "saved" him. Well, in trying to keep her away from him he crawled up my pant leg!!

Rascally little guy!

A little later Laramie was rubbing her tail again (she is incessant--I have tried EVERYTHING!). So this time I put some MTG on it and JJ decides he's going to try to undo HER gate:

Yeah, he can put his head between the bars!!! He can get it out, too, which is even funnier. I hope he doesn't get it stuck one day.

This was supposed to be Ebony and CJ's stall. Oh well, it will still be here for them whenever they arrive.


knoyes said...

It seems that you and I together can't do a damn thing right. Anyway, since it went down this way, I loved your blog about are great! The girls will get to you and if it is too late, then so be it!! I am not concerned aboit it, just gald that you three are alright. But, I am curious, why doesn't poor old Samson get to go along??? Huh? Huh? Poor guy.......

Jessie Baker said...

Hahaha...well, if I would have brought Samson along, there would have been no room for your girls in the trailer! HA!

splashocoloranch said...

OMG Jessie,
It just seems that way here this year too. Thinking seriously about moving out your way, at least then my kids can enjoy some green! All desert here, no green (money or plant ha ha). Murphy only knows that if my trailer has a blow out, my spare will be flat!

splashocoloranch said...

OMG Jessie,
I know the feeling. This year is so full of "It wasn't meant to be's..." Murphy knows that the next flat on my trailer will also leave the spare flat. Thinking seriously bout moving out your direction, at least then we'll be out of the desert and the kids can enjoy some GREEN turnouts!

Jessie Baker said...

That would be so cool if you guys moved out this way! Kristi, my friend from Colorado just came out here as well, and I'm still working on Kelly in Oregon LOL. Hay is sure a lot cheaper--I heard not too far from you it's $18 for a small square?! Last load of alfalfa I got for $5/bale. Much easier to deal with! Let me know if you want to come visit and check out the area! Kristi moved near Springfield, MO, which looks like a great area, too. The horse scene is growing here, too. Last time I lived in KC there wasn't much going on at all and now there's a PAC show almost every weekend, breed shows all the time in KS and MO and it's not too far to Tulsa, either for Pinto! :)

splashocoloranch said...

Hmmm, you JUST GOTTA tempt me a little more. Researching job market, hubby has been out of work since december, so it's been rough if you know what I mean. Only reason the daughter is making it to shows for the rest of the season is she got sponsors for the rest of the year, lucky her! Her horse even got shoes today free of charge. Don't cost me for the minis' feet, I do them myself, but I'm not brave enough to do the big horses, just not enough experience yet.