Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scrapped 'Award'

This is fun! Thanks to Sydney for "scrapping" me :) Check out her out at Science VS Tradition! The rules are that you've gotta tell 10 things to your readers that they don't know.

1. I was hit by my own car once. Yup, that takes talent....

2. I studied Latin for two years, and the only thing I remember is "Veni, Vidi, Vici."

3. I've never had a cavity, broke a bone, stitches or an IV *fervently knocking on wood.*

4. I played Flopsy in our 1st grade production of Peter Rabbit.

5. Not all that long ago I had a pet California Kingsnake named "Zero."

6. My 5th great-grandmother was George Washington's Aunt.

7. I've kissed the Blarney Stone, but I'm still waiting to be endowed with the gift of gab.

8. I didn't learn to swim until I was 12.

9. I played the flute, French horn, and trumpet in high school (yes I was a band nerd) and was also a color guard captain.

10. When I was a baby I was born with dark hair and it all fell out. Poor Mom thought I was going to be bald, until one day in the sun she saw my hair was coming back in blonde! :)

So, for better or worse, you now know ten more things about me. Below I've tagged 5 people's blogs (you've been nominated for this great award, chickies, so get to your lists!! :)

2. Jennifer Krusemark, Jennifer's Travels

3. Donna Hall--do you have your blog up yet?! :) Please visit my cousin's lovely ranch website: Splash O' Color Ranch

4 and 5: OK, my friends, you really need to get some blogs started. :) I will have to nominate you ALL in hopes that you get your blogs up soon!

Scrappy J


Sydney said...

Run over by your own car? Care to elaborate?

Thanks for participating.

Jessie Baker said...

I was over at my boyfriend's house at the time (this was 10 years ago) and he was getting ready to go to work. He went out to warm up his car (this was in the dead of winter, snow and ice everywhere, too) and he came back inside all ticked off that his car wouldn't start. He asked me for my keys and stormed out. I was concerned so I went out and he had my car up next to his to get it jump-started.

I saw he was still behind the wheel of my car, but the door was open and I didn't hear my car running, so I walked in between the two cars. Right at that moment his foot slipped off my clutch (it was wet and icy out, so not his fault at all) and the car WAS running, so it jumped and pinned my knee in between my little Honda and his beemer.

Did you know that old BMW's shipped directly from Germany don't have very flexible fenders? They don't. They really don't. LOL.

I couldn't walk for a couple of days, but in my stubbornness I never did go to the hospital or doctor. I was apparently fine, though, because I have no last effects from it.

But I can say I got hit by my own car :)

splashocoloranch said...

OK Jess, I have officially made my first post thanks to your idea, the "Scrapped Award" was perfect to start! I do have to say being ran over TWICE beats anything I've got!