Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Notes

Just some random items tonight.....

First of all, how bad of a parent do you have to be to have your KID suspended by APHA? Screw up your own life and name, who cares, but what in the world would possess someone to flush their own kids' names down the toilet?! I'm still floored, although nothing should surprise me at this point! LOL!

Anyway, on to tonight--by the time I went to work, the grocery store, the feed store, came home, hauled water, took off everyone's fly masks and fed, I wasn't able to get a single picture!

My little new edition is doing great. She is out on pasture with her new pal Bambi and she is keeping up her weight very well. I love her temperament. I've decided to call her "Patience." She is truly the most patient horse, let alone baby, I've ever encountered. I think it fits her, too.

Anytime I ever hear the name "Patience," I think of the great old movie Westward the Women. Unfortunately they have yet to put it out on DVD. It's a Robert Taylor western, and filled with so much character and humanity I find it as entertaining and poinant as I did when I used to watch it as a kid. Here's a clip:

I talked to my friend Sandra, down near Diamond, MO and she has decided to offer Benz for sale. Benz is registered with APHA as LooknFabulous InaBenz. His sire is Hustlers Fabulous Too and his dam is Check Out My Mercedes, a futurity-winning granddaughter of Impressive. Benz is HYPP N/N, Overo with one blue eye and Sandra says he is HUGE! She'll be getting new pics soon. She just has too many prospects. He hasn't been gelded yet, but given he already is maturing quite quickly and this awful market he really should be gelded this fall. He'll be a super all-rounder, especially on the open show circuit! She's asking only $750 and will consider offers to good homes--just let me know if you'd like to be in touch!! He's pictured as a weanling below.

I've been thinking after I get Eddie home and things calm down I really need to get a commuter car. 100 miles a day on the truck costs a lot in gas and tires! I've been looking around to see what one might cost, but I just don't know about these mechanics around here....

Have a good night, everyone!

P.S. I broke down tonight and bought a new flymask for Miss Patience, so we're set! Thanks so much to everyone who offered to search their tack rooms for her. I just couldn't take seeing the flies on her face anymore. Now she'll fit in with everyone else and I can go to work in the morning knowing she doesn't have to fight those nasty flies all day :) ~J

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