Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday Evening, Continued....

Since tonight's blog would have consisted of mowing the lawn and hauling water, I opted to continue with last night's much more exciting storyline:

I get home last night and notice there's something amiss....

What's wrong with this picture, other than the escaped Polar Bear in the background?

Patience is missing her flymask. Her BRAND NEW flymask. Dammit! OK, I'll look for it. Here is my search area:


So I look, and look, and look, and on about my 5th pass around the pasture, I spot something!

Could it?????

YES!!!! Score!!!

Crisis averted! Not sure how in the world Patience managed to get it off and somehow it was still velcro-ed securely closed. Maybe I should have called her Houdini?

I went ahead and took the fly masks off of everyone else. Especially this ridiculous-looking thing. Poor JJ--he acts like he can't wait to get this unfashionable thing off his face.

Bambi then decides to have some fun and scare the begeezuz out of Charlie.

Love that look on his face! LOL

Samson closer....

Samson closer still....

Samson closest.

Did you know Great Pyrenees love to swim? At least this one does. I didn't get a good picture of him all the way in the pond, but he really does doggie-paddle all over in it. It's pretty funny to watch him toodle around out there.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the girls were having a bit of fun.

Sophie ran up to "help" them and they surrounded HER instead! Way to work as a team, girls!

Sophie soon gave up and decided to join Samson in a romp. I call this picture "Happy Dogs."

If it was typical July weather they would have been "Hot Dogs" but it's pretty cool out--not enough for "Chilly Dogs," though.

Most the time they're just "Corny Dogs."

I'll stop now.

I think it's time to sleep now. I "relish" the thought.

Dear Lord, please forgive me. That was wrong. And please bless the starving pigmies down in New Guinea.

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