Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yeah, I used to pick on my little brother, too.

But sistas gotta stick together....

Half-sisters, to be more precise. Their mommas couldn't be more different.

And half-brother Fabian, whose momma was bred by Fossil Gate Farms.

Bambi's momma was all halter bred, without a single bit of halter look...

And Paula's momma, God rest her soul, was all performance (although a halter point producer as well).

No, no racing blood, but the girl does love to run....

Fabian and Bambi certainly have that sibling look to them. She loves to pick on her little brother, too. I think it's a universal thing. See Nick, Chris--it wasn't my fault. It's inherent...

Sidebar: I had to show how nice the turnouts looked after a good mowing. I debated mowing down all that nice grass, but it should grow back even better now. It made the place look nicer, too.

I love the wildflowers out in the pasture.

And my boys. They looked so lovely tonight (pay no attention to Charlie's dirty face).

And look at these eyes. Don't trust them, though. Half an hour after this shot, he had one of my favorite brushes out in the yard chewing on it. How does one keep things away from a dog this size anyway?! Must buy more containers, I suppose!

He's very lucky he's so cute.

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