Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jennifer's Gifts

When I got home this evening and checked the mail, I got a great surprise! My good friend Jennifer had sent me some goodies!

I've been friends with Jennifer since we were in the 1st grade. Ever since then, we've been more like sisters. We went to each other's college graduations, her whole family came to my wedding, Jennifer, her sister, her mom, and I all hang out together when Jennifer comes to town. We've been very good friends now for 27 years. We're so close that she's exactly one week older than I am (which I point out every chance I get, of course, being the good friend that I am).

Here's a picture of her on one of her travels. She's skinny, tanned, stylish. I hate her.

I can say that--we're in that place :)

Side story: One time we were in a restaurant and she said something to me and I thought she called me a 'ho,' so I started laughing so hard, it caught me off guard. She started laughing, too (it's contageous, you know) and asked me what was up. I said, "Did you just call me a 'ho,' you slut?" We both just busted up and were in tears we were laughing so hard. Finally the manager of the restaurant came over and we thought we were getting kicked out, but he offered us a free dessert instead! He apologized for the meal taking so long, but we hadn't even noticed. We were having way too much fun!!

So back to today--she sent me some goodies from her latest travels to Italy! First, this gorgeous hand-blown glass bracelet from Venice:

Then this pretty artistic bottle filled with Lemon Liquior:

And of course a fun note:

It was such a great treat to come home to! It's so thoughtful of her to bring me back something from her journeys. She always does...

Like this handpainted gourd from Costa Rica:

Antique horse statuette from China:

Absinth from the Czech Republic (notice still unopened--I'm a bit afraid of the green fairy):

A piece of rock from Shangra La:

This beautiful necklace from Thailand:

This Kashmire Pashmina from Prague:

This gold bracelet from Madrid:

And I didn't even get pictures of the embordered tablecloth from China or the cute handbag from Hong Kong!

I love these things, and not just because it's fun to get gifts (because let's face it, it is)! I love them because even though Jennifer is halfway around the world she still thinks to include me in her little excursions. I would love to go with her, but I chose my horses and therefore choose to be broke and home-bound. I love my kids and wouldn't change that for anything else in the world, but to have little pieces from all over the world given to me by my friend who I think the world of, well, that means more to me than all the tea in China :)

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Sydney said...

It's wormwood that makes the green fairy you know. If theres no wormwood it ain't absinthe. Btw it tastes like black licorice, you gotta prepare it right.

Those are cool things. I love stuff from all over the world.