Friday, July 3, 2009

Laramie and Sophie, Part 2

Just a few pictures of Sophie and Laramie having a good time. It was cloudy out, so the photo quality is poor, but I think they are still cute enough to share :)

Here is Laramie, just minding her own business....

Sophie in stealth mode....

And they're off!!

Laramie is quick on her feet, though--she spins around...

and is off in the other direction!

Sophie heads her off at the pass!

But Laramie eludes her still.

Laramie doesn't seem to be taking Sophie very seriously.

Finally Laramie says enough, although Sophie has other ideas!

Laramie is a bore, so Sophie heads off to instigate a round of play with JJ.

It was time for chores, though, and poor Sophie had to hold off playtime for another day :)


Sydney said...

Oh wow, don't you worry about your dog being trampled? Eeek!

Donna said...

Gosh, Laramie is looking great, show fitting really does it for her! I took Missy to her first show in 2 yrs, sister's 7 yr old daughter showed her, they did great, poor kid has not been around horses let alone shown one. Missy took care of her and got her through though. Then, took the mare into her first riding classes, only walk/jog, but just the same when you are on the 17.2 5 yr old. We got 4th in our first trail class, then 3rd in pleasure, was a good day. Pics are on facebook and my space, go take a look at the girl, I think you'll like her.

knoyes said...

Oh WOW, she is looking great! The changes are amazing.....and that's my girl, Sophie!

Jessie Baker said...

Thank you Kim and Donna! Laramie has a long ways to go on her fitting but she's starting to look the part :)

Donna--I will definitely have to take a look at those pics. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!! Congrats :) Missy sounds like a great horse.

Sydney--Sophie is so quick. She might be small but she's faster than those horses are :) Besides, she'll do this whether I want her to or not, so now instead of me banning her from playing with the horses, I'm teaching her when it's appropriate and when it's not. We're learning our commands. She's about halfway there--sometimes she still gets locked in the house when she doesn't listen LOL! She does help me, though, since I have no one to hold the horses to show them, she moves them around for me so I can get some decent shots, other than their heads down eating or tied to a trailer and not "on the muscle" at all (like they get when they're playing--shows more how I'll have her displayed in a class :)