Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let's Talk About Wormers

I was supposed to work a bit tonight but I'm having trouble remoting in, so I'll give up on that for now and thought I'd add today's post. I didn't do much other than get the deck off the mower and a very kind neighbor is changing out the blades for me (have I mentioned I LOVE this area? EVERYONE is so wonderful!!). I did get Laramie worked and she's doing so well with setting up now. She didn't finish her grain today, so I'll have to try a few things to get her back to eating everything again, but other than that no complaints at all. I'm even getting quite a bit of hair off her while grooming. She's had a pretty nice summer coat for the last few months, but since I had her outside some of it was a bit sun-damaged. That is all shedding out now that she's in the barn all day and being replaced by soft new hair that is just glowing with health. We're well on our way (knock on wood) to being ready for September :) I may even be able to start hauling her to a few local shows soon!

I wanted to post this wonderful explaination of the different types of wormers I found a few weeks ago:

It's so important to be sure to keep horses up to date on wormers, to rotate and to also give the proper type for the right conditions, time of year, age and condition of the horse.

They don't really touch on one of my favorites, and a I know something that is a favorite amongst many show people: the Panacur Power Pac. I've usually seen it for around $60 but did see it posted for less than that the other day:

I love to power pac a horse right before starting a fitting program. I need to do Laramie--haven't yet because I split a tapeworm wormer between her and JJ a couple of weeks ago. Laramie will be power pac-d as soon as I feel that it's safe, probably is 3-4 weeks.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. No pic tonight--everyone is already sacked out :) Have a pleasant evening!!

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