Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Night Lights

No, I'm not talking football here. Friday nights are fairly light, as far as chores go, for me. I don't have a laundry-list of items to get ready for the next day. Here's how a Friday evening usually plays out:

First, I let Charlie and Sophie outside and then I change clothes. When I come back outside, this is what's usually waiting for me.

Momma, we missed you.

Then Sophie wants to play.

And Samson spots me and comes a-runnin!

Then they start playing....

And playing....

And playing....

I can hear Carmina Burana, O Fortuna playing in the background here....

Still playing!!

Still?!? Hey, what about me?

Eh, whatcha gonna do?

I'm always curious about why it is that when we want something to grow, it usually won't, but if we don't want something to grow, it never fails--it will! Case-in-point, my circle garden.

One rose bush took off and has beautiful flowers on it.

The other one didn't. So I had a 50/50 success rate here. Not so good....

But these little guys never fail!

I'm starting to think I should grow a weed garden. It would only make sense that then I would get flowers....

After pulling those rascally weeds, I headed into the barn and let JJ out.

Poor kid is so sickly looking. Thank goodness he's almost healed and he's eating well again. It shouldn't be long until he looks like a real horse again.

Time to clean abscesses! Laramie is first. Pre-hydrotherapy:

Post-hydrotherapy (ewwwy):

I brushed Laramie, turned her out, and went to go get JJ, but where did he go? JJ? Oh, JJ!

Ah, there you are!!

Not good, JJ, not good at all. I mean, good, yes eat please, but that's not an area meant for a horse! Besides, wouldn't you rather nosh on some fresh grass?

That reminds me, better make a hay-run tomorrow.

I think I'm going to have to limit his free time LOL.

Time for your hydrotherapy, JJ. Abscesses aren't too bad....

Ah! Nice, cool water!!

Now for the nose. This is so gross. Snot, alfalfa, and warts, oh my! I swear we're giving the 10 plagues of Egypt a run for their money.

All clean! Now isn't that better?

Mom, can I just go EAT now?!

I put JJ in his turnout pen, and on the way back to the barn Sophie runs over to her ball. She can't bear to look at what's left of it.

Mom, WHY do you have to keep running over my toys with the lawnmower?!

For shame!

I always pre-walk the lawn, but Sophie seems to enjoy putting them in my path. This is not an uncommon sight at my house and neither is the sound when they go shooting out the side of the lawnmower deck.

Meanwhile, Charlie's looking for an optimal privy.


Oh Samson....

I really need to remember this face when I find my grooming brushes strewn all over the yard, chewed up.

He looks so innocent, doesn't he?

Yeah, he's good like that.

Kids say it's time to feed and wrap it up for the day.

So I go inside and this is what I find.

Life is good for Harley.

So good....

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