Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Updates

As you may have already noticed, I've been adding labels to posts so you have a new way to search through this rambling dialogue of mine.... I also added a few fun gadgets! I just added a counter this evening and it's already racking up the hits pretty quickly. I had no idea this blog had so many readers! Well, I suppose there's nothing on TV tonight :)

Unfortunately I didn't get pics tonight, but I found Paula out by the back fence of the pasture, touching noses with a cow. Sophie then got completely freaked out by them and carried on something fierce! It was pretty funny.

I did force myself to get some walking in despite the Guantanamo Bay interogation tactical device (otherwise known as sciatica) constantly knawing away at my leg. Yes, it hurts, but honestly it ticks me off more than anything. It's just a pain you can never get away from--it's ALWAYS there and you just get to the point where you want to say "Enough, already--just cut the damned leg off!!" But of course you don't. You just try to forget and go about your day, but it's always there. It's always freak'n there.....

Oops, sorry that was a total rant! Other than that, life is really good! I go get my car Friday, get to see my friend Jennifer on Saturday to celebrate both our birthdays, and it looks like I've sold my computer armoire. It's a beautiful piece, but way too big for what I need so it will help more to have the money and continue to get caught up on a few things. I've already spotted a small, used, cheaper desk I want to replace it with, so again, life is good!! :)

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