Monday, August 17, 2009

Eddie is, er...I mean "and" Crazy

Well, anyone who has met Eddie knows he's a little crazy (more like the biggest goober EVER) but no, I mean the horse Crazy. Eddie's old-lady-in-waiting.

This past weekend it was settled that Eddie would be staying up in the great Pacific Northwest for a few more months, anyway. Kelly claimed that Dunkin couldn't go on without him, but for some reason, I got the slightest impression, that Kelly wasn't quite ready to tell the Goober farewell :)

Vicki told me she wants to try to get that illusive baby out of Crazy, too, so the old dame is staying in Texas, too. Ah, I'll miss my dynamic duo, but I know they're in GREAT hands and I'll see them soon enough.

Vicki, Kelly--give the kids big hugs for me. I know they're happy, healthy, and don't have a care in the world. I hope both give you amazing babies!!! :)

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