Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sandra and Jennifer Layton were so nice to come all the way up from Diamond, MO to bring me a special delivery. They also brought Colton (known to some of you as Ringo). He has grown into a FABULOUS horse!!!

I can't help it, I am brimming with emotion when I look at him. Pride, because I'm his breeder; Gratitude to Sandra for nurturing him into the best horse he could be; Bitter-sweet nostalgia for what could have been had I not made that terrible mistake that cost Larry (his momma) and Colton's full brother their lives; and Love, for great horses and great friends.

I can't say I could be any more thrilled at Jennifer (Sandra's sister) taking Fabian home with her. Yes, that's Sandra with Colton and below is Jennifer with Fabian. No, I didn't get too confused :) I tell you what, though, I think us girls could get in a lot of trouble together LOL

I have no doubts that Fabian is going to blossom in Jennifer's care, just like Colton has done under Sandra's. I felt bad Fabian could have looked much better and here's what they brought me:

Isn't she pretty?

She looks just like her momma:

Truly, if you remember, I had to euthanize last fall. Her legs had gotten way too bad off to go on and it was the right thing to do. Before she left us, Truly gave us a great gift:

I debated posting the following, because I'll surely get reemed for breeding a mare with crooked legs. However, I was told Truly's legs were caused by injury and she had 40 APHA halter points to back that story up. She had other foals whose legs were perfect and Eddie has never had a foal with any leg issues at all.

Until now.

I'm posting because if I hide it, it makes it seem like it's wrong, but no one did anything wrong here. Things happen, and now Truly's filly seems to have the beginnings of the same problems Truly had. If this is truly genetic, I cannot figure out how Truly got 40 halter points.

I will have my vet look at her and we'll see if we can do anything but most likely I think she'll be left to relax, grown and see what happens as she matures. I plan on starting her on some extras the others don't get--msm, corta-flex and perhaps some legend injections, just to see if we can help her grow up straight and tall. She moves great, doesn't seem to have any issues at all, but of course I'd love for her to have a longer life than her momma. She needs time to grow and see if these things can get worked out.

If I do break her, she'll be a long 3 year old or 4 unless she snaps out of this. Even then, knowing this is a weakness, I don't plan on showing her. She'll probably be trail ridden at the most, if even that. They're not awful, but they do certainly raise the red flags, at least with me. I'm so glad to have her, though. She's got a lot of her momma in her, and I adored her momma.

I had to post this pic below. While she does have her momma in her, you can also see her daddy in her, too. On the other side of the fence is JJ. I think they look like brother and sister here!

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