Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Stills....on Monday

I apologize again for being MIA. The weekend was a rough one. I firmly believe sciatica was once used as a medieval torture device!

But I'm doing better today--well enough to get online and post some photos I took last week. It's interestesting, the different angles one can get when laying in the grass :)

Like this shot--I love how Paula and Sophie are framed by Laramie's legs and the sun is shining so brightly. Sophie thinks when I have the camera out it's time to bark at the horses. Obviously Paula does not agree....

Laramie was all on her own earlier. I need to mow so bad, but it has to wait until I heal. Until then, we have a little wild look to the place.

Samson has finally been spending the nights outside. He got scared last night so I had to put him on the backporch and he tore up Charlie's bed. Thanks, Samson.

Good thing he's so cute!!

I had to take breaks and lay down on the ground while doing chores. I did get some pretty cool shots I wouldn't have otherwise. I played around with the coloring with this one of Paula.

I love the sun shining behind Laramie, showing off her pretty profile.

Sophie and Laramie discussing the world's issues.

And let's not forget JJ and Patience. JJ is such a great babysitter--just like his dear old dad.

The girls out on pasture.

Laramie and Bambi, almost in silhouette.

I took this shot of Charlie upside down while laying down on the ground, then played around with the color. I'd love to get a "real" camera someday, but I can have fun with what I have for now.

He's so "fluffy," much like his owner....


Best buddies, the odd couple. They are too cute together.

Bambi has the prettiest profile.

Finally, I got this video of the girls running up to be fed. This is always my favorite part of the day. Obviously Paula knows the routine.

That's my girl!!

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