Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Beautiful Day

Today was another gorgeous day out. I wish I could ride so badly, but I'm still walking like Quasimodo, so riding was out. I woke up at 6am, just on my own, ready to go, which was sort of odd since I couldn't get to sleep until well after 1--the sciatica was really being annoying last night.

It was nice to get up early, though, so I could get quite a bit done. I got water hauled for the horses and the house. It took 4 loads to get the house cistern filled as I had let it get quite empty since driving hurt so much the last couple of weeks. I got the garage swept and moved the jukebox that my landlord had left over to the side so I can get my new car parked in there when I get it picked up.

Oh, didn't I tell you? I got a commuter car!! I go pick it up Friday, which is my birthday, so it will be a really cool day. It's not exactly new, but it's new to me :) I believe it looks something like this car (I haven't seen it in person yet).

It's a 2001 Honda Civic Ex Sedan. I will be saving almost $300 per month in gas costs alone, not to mention saving wear and tear on my truck and the 17" tires that have really been killing my budget (100 miles a day eats up tires more than you would ever think).

Anyway, I go pick up my car this week and I can't wait. It's going to help out with my budget so much. I'm still planning on getting a second job (which is harder to get hired for than I ever would have thought--no one wants to work around a regular 8-5 schedule--grrr!!!), but this is really going to help out in so many ways.

Back to today, I was able to get my truck cleaned out really well, too, and get the Coq Au Vin made. I took the bacon grease and poured it over the dog's food and they absolutely loved it tonight. I still need to taste the Coq Au Vin and see how it turned out. The Vin part was really good, though--had a glass of Pinot Noir and immediatel sacked out on the couch. I'm such a lightweight!

I got my coupons clipped for the week and picked up my mail. In it, I got my Purina challenge. If you belong to APHA, you should have gotten a coupon for $12 off any bag of their feed. If you sign up for the Purina challenge, you get a coupon for buy 8 bags of feed, get 2 free! Then once you complete the challenge, you get another coupon for $15 off 10 bags of feed. Definitely worth signing up for as I feed Equine Junior and Omelene 200.

Another exiting day on the funny farm comes to a close! Hope your weekend was as relaxing and enjoyable as mine was!

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