Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Rest of Last Night...and Tonight

The news about the cemetery was so exciting that I didn't get to post the rest of the pictures I had! So here is the rest of last night:

A beautiful, stormy sky (can you see why I love it up here?)

The terrific trio. I get a kick out of Patience being almost the same size as Bambi and Fabian.

Could they stand any more splayed out? They're mad because I'm late feeding. Rotten kids...

Samson found a lovely mudhole to wallow in. He's a bad influence on Sophie, too.

Pay no attention to the lack of landscaping on the north side of the house there. That is this weekend's project!

Here they are, chasing each other around, getting all stinky and dirty. What a life!

Wanna kiss mom?

Tonight was equally as fabulous, but I didn't get any pictures. I worked and rode Paula again. Man, she is going to be a cadillac! She's starting to really give her head and round her back when she moves. She can reach when she's going fast and when I slow her down she tucks those legs up under her and that saddle doesn't move a bit--just so gorgeous. Her tailset is perfect. I know the style is a dead tail, but I refuse to have it "done." She holds hers about a quarter to half inch out and perfectly still--doesn't move it a bit and she is so fluid.

Can you tell I'm just a wee bit excited about her?

I got on her and we walked around a bit. We worked on just getting used to me being up there, worked on our words from up there now that she knows them perfectly from the ground.

It's hard to imagine it's almost been a year since I had to make an emergency trip to Oklahoma to save her. It's so sad, the day I picked her up she bit me--the only time ever and since she's EVER done anything like that at all. She desperately wanted to come home. Like her daddy, I vow I will do everything I can for her to never be hungry again. Both of them are wonderful horses that didn't deserve what happened to them. I'm ever so grateful that I've been able to keep my promise to Eddie. I hope I can keep that promise with Paula as well.

Anyway, I want to plan something special for her anniversary home. I have a few ideas...stay tuned!! Other than that, I'm sad I missed Hell's Kitchen, but of course would always rather be outside. I wish they'd move him to 8 or 8:30 for me, but I probably won't be able to talk the network into changing their schedule just so I can fit my riding in on Tuesday nights, too.

Although they should :)

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