Friday, August 14, 2009

LookinFabulous InaBenz

Sandra sent me this updated picture of Benz today.

Benz is the one that looks solid. He isn't--he has a belly spot and the other side of his face is bald. Benz is standing next to his paternal half-brother Colton. Colton is 2 years old. Benz is a yearling.

That's right--Benz was born just last year. That's 2008. He's just a yearling.

The mares are going to start having a revolt with Eddie throwing moose after moose. Or mooses. Or moosen. Or meesen.

Anyway, Benz will be going to his new home this weekend, to Sandra's farrier. He is going to have Sandra break him out next year, so Benz will still be "in the family" and be looked after to make sure he's properly gelded, trained, and taken care of. I can always trust Sandra to make sure the kids get good homes--she's good people :)

Benz's dam is Check Out My Mercedes, a HYPP N/N gdau of Impressive on top and a dau of a superior halter mare on bottom. I bought her from my friend Jeni Peck and she is now owned by my friend Kim Noyes and bred to her superior halter stallion for next year. I can't wait to see her Bubba baby!! He throws monsters, too.

The poor girl just can't get a break....

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