Sunday, August 16, 2009

Red Sky at Night?

Last night we had a gorgeous red/purple/pink/blue sky.

I always thought the saying went:
Red sky at night, sailors' delight,
Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.

Seems it should have gone:
Red shy at night, will rain at midnight,
Gray sky at morning, rain is still pouring.

I just made that up....

Right now I'm waiting for the skies to clear and my special delivery to get here (oh no, I'm stuck on a rhyme when there's not enough time).

So, I thought I'd feature my other "critters" that are always left out of the blog. Not that they are nearly as demanding of my attention, or quite as cute or furry or even four-legged, but they do require care and take up a lot of room out here in the country.

My plants.

When I moved here last September I had one peace lilly.

This poor thing has been with me for years. It was from my Grandpa Pilger's funeral. I almost lost it moving from Texas. I had it in the horse trailer, with all my furniture, and when we got to Painted Prairie Farm and took off for Equifest we had a frigid cold front come through and this poor plant was burnt to a crisp. I didn't throw it out, though, and soon little leaves began to sprout. It could look better now, but it's doing pretty darned good considering....

Then when I moved here, my landlord left a plethera of plantlife on the front porch. It started getting cold, so I went ahead and moved them all inside and let him know just to come in and get them whenever he wanted.

Well, he never did.

Here's one of the abandoned kids. Not sure what it's supposed to be called. I think I'll just call it Fred.

And here's Ethel.

Here is a huge Mother-In-Law tongue that he left. I need to repot it.

Then his mom, my neighbor (who is amazing, awesome, sweet, so cool--I just love her, really) gave me a lot of cuttings off her plants when she came back from Arizona.

This was one of the "cuttings."

One of the biggest Aloe plants I've ever seen....

Oh, see that plant in the right hand corner? My landlord left that, too. I did get a picture but it didn't load. It's a cool plant--have no idea what it is. I think it's name shall be Newman.

No reason....

This is another cutting she gave me. Another Mother-In-Law Tongue. I put it in the guest room. If I had a mother-in-law that came over to spend the night, it would have a lovely sense of irony....

But I don't. I probably won't ever have a mother-in-law again.

Thank God.

This is a lovely Bamboo that Jennifer gave me as a housewarming present. It's supposed to be a money tree?

I think I need to fertilize it or something. I have yet to see any money on it.

Also residing in the kitchen is fresh Basil.

Hello Basil.

I love this plant. It's the same kind as Ethel--have no idea what it really is. I found this one by a dumpster, if you can imagine.

It's kind of crazy. I think it's name should be Courtney Love.

My sister gave me a neat arrangement of plants when I helped move her. I took them apart and repotted them.

Here's Spike.

And Speckles.

This is some ivy and other plants that obviously I need to clean up. I had this birdcage I had used in my wedding as a cardholder. I really liked it, so I repainted it the antique bronze that I used on my iron bed, lined it, put potting soil and the plants in it. I think it turned out really cute (well, sans dead folliage, it is).

And another lonely peace lilly. This one is in my bedroom. It was the only room in the house without plants, so it was the chosen one (I have to talk it up, make it sound important so it will grow big and beautiful)

Then last week my neighbor gave me this cutting. It's a succulent of some sort, so I really need to get it out of the water. Anyone know how to start this thing?

I think I'll call it Fluffy.

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