Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bishop's Castle

After the wedding, we headed back down the mountain to Bishop's Castle.  

The really cool thing about Bishop's Castle is that it was hand-built by a single man--Mr. Bishop--using local materials only.  

I've been to a few castles in England and Ireland, but this one is much, much different.  For one thing, I've never been to a castle with a big dragon head on the front of it!

Also, those castles were built centuries ago by many people.  This one is currently under construction, still, by a single man.  I have to say it is altogether mysterious and awesome at the same time.

Clint, the kids, and I all ventured inside.  Nicole and Weston posed inside one of the very large fireplaces in the main hall.

Past the main hall where large columns that held staircases that spiraled up towards only the imagination of the builder--they are incomplete and quite treacherous.  We carefully made our way to the very top, keeping the kids safely toward the middle of the column while Clint held onto me at the outer edge.  

Needless to say it's a very good thing I trust him so much! Here is our view from the top of the castle:

We made our way back down shortly after reaching the top.  Nicole was just as happy as I was to be heading back down!

We had such a great time there and it was a fitting beginning for us...

...to begin our tale with a castle,

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