Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tanner Trail

We live right up against the base of the Greenhorn Mountains.  Being native Kansans, this is very thrilling for both Clint and I.  I mean, we live in the freak'n mountains!!

Sorry about that....

Anyway, since living so close to the mountains is still quite novel for us, last Saturday Clint and I had the idea that since we are relatively fit, healthy, not-too-old people, we could tackle an "advanced" trail.  Luckily for us, Tanner trail, which goes straight up into the mountains of San Isabel National Forest, is only a few miles from the house.

We took Sophie, of course.

I mistakenly believed the trail was 7 miles roundtrip, but it actually was 7 miles UP, and then 7 miles DOWN.  We didn't leave early enough, so we ended up only going 4.3 miles up the mountains, then of course 4.3 miles back down.  Even only at a little over halfway, we still scaled up 2600 feet in elevation, offering spectacular views.

The land is nice-looking, too.

Clint took a picture of me as well, which fortunately does not show the exhaustion I felt physically after hiking over 6 hours.   I needed a horse!

For some reason Sophie wouldn't carry me.  Swine dog.

It was fun and quite an accomplishment for us, even though we didn't get all the way to the top.  It leaves us with a goal--one day we will get there! Until then, or at least until I get some sort of more cooperative means of trail transport, we'll keep working up to it.


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sydney K said...

Beautiful. Where are those mountains?? Sorry I'm playing the dumb Canadian who moved to the US card. We were thinking of hopefully going to the HUGE trail ride in the flinthills in a year or two. If you ever take a trip towards Kansas city make sure you get ahold of me I would love to met up.