Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bad Blogger...BAD BLOGGER

So...I haven't been on here for a while.  Obviously.  Excuses?  I have none.  

Life...much like all of you, life has not stood still for me.  I do miss blogging, though.  I miss sharing all the wonderful events that I've been blessed with, seemingly, on a daily basis.  

I hope to catch up the blog on all the fun things that happened this summer, but for now, here is a quick recap:

We got a kitty.

A few weeks ago we adopted a little female kitten from the Humane Society.  We call her "Maybe," since that was the answer to all our questions about her.  

Should we get a cat?  Maybe.
Should we get this kitten?  Maybe.
Will she ever grow out of her toilet paper fetish?  Well, maybe we should have named her "Doubtful."

We had a lot of fun with our other furry companion, too.  Sophie discovered her love of fishing.

That right there is my favorite fishing duo...ever.

We got to do a few fun things, too.  We took the kids to Elitch Gardens.  Clint and I were like kids there, too!

That same trip we took the kids to Casa Bonita.  

We hiked a LOT and found history in them there mountains....

The views were always beautiful.  So many memories made....

Clint faced off some prehistoric critters at the Denver Museum.

And this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of it all.  There is so much of the past to share, and we have some very exciting new developments ahead as well.  This blog, my friends, has not ended.

It has just begun.

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