Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maybe Baby

I got the most wonderful email yesterday from the lady who, 2 years ago now, had purchased Maybe, Eddie's 2006 filly out of Triples Paintd Chick, a mare I lost when Maybe was only 6 weeks old. Pictured above is Maybe, all grown up. My friend adopted Maybe out to a good friend of hers so she could go on to bigger and better things. She is currently being started under saddle and has been given a new name: "Treasure." Looks like Treasure has certainly been treasured both by her former and present owner. She looks fantastic and it is heartwarming to see that a "little" orphaned filly out of a 14.2H mare (if that) can grow up to be such a big, gorgeous mare. I am very proud of Treasure--her balanced frame, good legs and feet. Most of all, though, it is so nice knowing that a horse I bred is out there being enjoyed, well cared for and loved. Thanks so much to Stephanie and Lucy for taking such good care of Treasure!


CedarHillQH said...

Jessie - How cool to find Treasure and hear her story. Just wanted to let you know that Crazy has a date with Designed By Concention!

Jessie Baker said...

Hey Vicki! I was so happy to hear that Treasure is so loved and has grown into such a pretty mare. I'm glad you have big plans for our Crazy girl. I truly hope she has a gorgeous foal for you! :)

Jessie Baker said...

Oh, I just looked him up--will Crazy be going to visit Bill & Ann then? They will surely get her in foal--they are the best! :) The stud is GORGEOUS. Good choice, as always!!! :D