Monday, December 8, 2008

The Transformation

Most anyone who knows me knows the story of Bambi and what a terrible waste it was, that ate away at me constantly, for her to end up all but dead at two months old. If it wasn't for the kindness of my good friend Darlene Worthington, I am sure that Bambi would be dead today. Here is how she looked at two months old:

I was heartbroken that someone, a person who I thought would appreciate this foal maybe more than most, would allow this to happen simply because she lacked the humility to say "I screwed up and I need help feeding my horses." I was angered because my gut had told me not to let this happen, but I traded hope for judgement and let things fall into place. Now looking back, it was a terrible situation, but Bambi was absolutely worth every bit of heartache and B.S. we had to go through to save her. Here she is, pictures taken on 12/7/08, just being her lovely self out in the pasture:

Doesn't even look like the same horse, does it? Amazing what 7 months of just proper basic care will do. Well, that and love. As mad as I was about the situation, now I feel blessed to now own this amazing filly. She has completely blown everyone who knows her away--not only by her amazing recovery but just what a truly outstanding filly she has become. She's gorgeous, and has a very cute, sweet temperament that makes everyone fall in love with her when they meet her. How lucky am I not only have bred but now own such a great filly?!?! The situation surrounding how I came about owning her completely sucked (no other way of describing it) but however it happened, I feel very lucky to be able to now call this filly mine :)

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