Monday, December 8, 2008

No Butts About It....

these girls are FABULOUS!!! :)
(Paula, Bambi, and Baby on 12/7/08)


knoyes said...

Jessie!! How the heck are you? Those are some right cute horse butts!!

Merc fit right into her herd and has been out to pasture for a little over a week. She has a good friend already. I will try and get a current picture so you won't have to worry. She loaded pretty good when we went to move her and I think she will just get better, she isn't scared, just a tad spoiled.

Keep in touch and I love the blog!


Jessie Baker said...

Thanks Kim! I'm so glad Merc is coming along and thanks so much for being patient with her new 'tude issue. I KNOW she knows better and thankfully you're just the lady to remind her! LOL. Thanks so much for giving her such a good home. She's one girl I know I don't have to worry about :)