Sunday, December 28, 2008


As many of you know, I have wanted a Great Pyrenees ever since I moved out here to my little farm. Well, today my wish came true and Samson (pictured above) became the first part of my belated Christmas present to myself (second part arrives next week--stay tuned!). Samson is a purebred GP, both parents around 120 #'s, so he will be a nice, big boy to keep tabs on the place for me. Since he is so young (8 weeks old) I'm keeping him inside for a bit to get aquainted with me and Sophie and Charlie, but then he'll go outside and to work. He already prefers to be outside--he wants to stay out and play during our potty breaks! I'm so happy to welcome Samson to our little farm. He's the absolutely perfect addition to our family!

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