Friday, December 26, 2008

Goldseekers Choice

Now that I have Seeker back home, I thought I'd write a little about what a lovely mare she is.

I've had Seeker for about three years now. I've sold her twice and she's come back to me twice--seems I'm meant to keep her :) She is a 1993 APHA mare who I believe is splash overo. She was bred by Linda Beavers who is now Linda Gordon (Fossil Gate Farms). Here is a baby picture of her:
Her pedigree isn't the most popular, but it is very solid. Her sire was an APHA World Champion in halter and her dam was a granddaughter of the AQHA Supreme Champion Goldseeker Bars.

She is deaf and a cribber, which means it's been difficult to find a home for her, but she truly is the easiest mare you'd ever handle. When I got her she was in foal to a 30 year old cutting stud. She had Windy, a minimal overo filly who was quite cute. She now lives on a farm in North Dakota:
The year after she had a gorgeous solid (I think maybe her only solid foal) filly by my stallion, but tragically she was a red bag delivery. We have no idea what caused it as that area has no fescue in it at all. The vet did find an extra placenta, so we think there may have been a twin that was not completely aborted and it caused problems late in pregnancy. We fought for 12 hours to save the filly's life and the entire time Seeker stayed right beside us, watching intently and ready to give milk anytime we needed to feed her baby (who was unable to stand). She had a massive convulsion and passed away and we buried her out in our pasture. Seeker was such a trooper the entire time.
This year Seeker had a gorgeous colt by Eddie: Fabian. Fabian will definitely be going on to bigger and better things in the near future!

Seeker is now approaching 16 and I don't want to see anything happen to her, so she will be staying with me unless one of my close friends wants to lease her for a year. I've also spoken to the local 4H group and they are interested in borrowing her as a leadline horse for their summer program. Maybe in a few years I'll want to breed her again but for now she's semi-retired, maybe taken for a trail ride once in a while but mostly asked to teach the babies manners, and just be her beautiful, quietly dignified self.

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