Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Dilapidated Farmhouse--Part 6

Although many things are changing, I am very thankful that for the first time in a long time, my address won't be one of them. I am so happy to have this place that I can call my home and it provides me with the foundation upon which I'm trying to rebuild my new life.

And while rebuilding that life, I also happen to be rebuilding this old farmhouse as well. Progress is slow, but that's perfectly fine. The under-hang on the front of the house is coming along well and once it is in place and painted, it will definitely improve the curb appeal of this old place.

Unfortunately I'm at a standstill until that is finished, though, because the scaffolding prevents me from finishing the demolition project on the second floor. Once this heat breaks and the front is finished, though, I will be able to finish gutting out the upstairs and readying it for the new walls, doors, and running electricity and duct-work.

In the meantime, I am constantly gathering decorating ideas. If I happen to run across something I like online, I always save it. Here are a few of the pictures I've saved in the past few weeks:

I absolutely love the interest created by this unusual staircase.

The color scheme is consistent, but the pattern is changed, creating interest in a very unlikely place. My staircase isn't curved, but I do think it could work well for a straight staircase that is hidden in the middle of the house like mine is. You wouldn't see the stairs until you rounded the corner to go up them and then bam!--an unexpected accent. I love it!

I probably couldn't do anything like this specifically in my house, but I do love the combination of wood and stucco elements. It gives me some ideas....

A screen could feasibly be made from barn wood and set up behind a couch in a similar fashion, adding interest to a wall without the standard frame and pictures..... The barn wood would also be "in keeping with" the house's "rustic aesthetic."

Name that movie....

The next picture is your standard Pottery Barn fare (which is getting a little tiresome and predictable, in my opinion), but the reason I included it here is the combination of the wood planking with a splash of tropical-like color.

Personally, I think Pottery Barn has become way too comfortable with its standard decorating schemes. I would really like to see the concept I mentioned above pushed a little further (be brave, guys!). For example, distressed white wood paneling with a Queen Anne chair in this fabric, and a bright teal pillow. Shazam!

And those sisal rugs really need to go. They looked nice at one time, but they have NEVER been in any way nice to have (ever walked on one in bare feet--ouch!), and now they are *yawn* old news. Let's get a nice monochromatic, soft, antiqued-patterned area rug in there, or a pretty linen-type pattern!

This next picture shows the one thing I know for sure I would like in my kitchen--a pot rack made from antique pulleys and an old wooden ladder.

I die.

Kitchen are usually all about counter-tops and cabinets, but to see a different sort of focal point in a very otherwise typical room screams individuality without throwing off the whole space.

Otherwise, I would like my kitchen to look like this.

Please and thank you.

Gawd, just look at that floor. I love the old farmhouse table in the middle with the odd number of chairs as well. The thing is my kitchen could look very similar to this as I will have double doors similar to that at one end. Eventually.

For now it's the room I sleep in and on that note, it's time for bed. Hope you enjoyed this installment of This Dilapidated Farmhouse. Stay tuned for what will hopefully be many more exciting episodes to come.

Over and Out,

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