Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall at the Farm

It's that time of year again....

It's fall at the farm.  On nice days, like today, we try to enjoy the little bit of nice weather we have remaining this year.

And by "we," I mean all the critters, too.

Isn't that right, girls?

The horses, having demolished their last bale of prairie hay, await the delivery of another.

The chickens search out the few remaining bugs around the water pan.

 Evie found a treasure to chew on.  Don't ask what it was--you don't want to know.

Sophie saw I was taking pictures of Evie and demanded equal treatment. Swine dog.

Speaking of camera hogs....  Poor Sweet Pea...she's no Covergirl.

Even if I manage to catch her "good side."

The more beautiful things around the farm are attempting an appearance, albeit a bit early.

Iris my case,


Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice pictures of a good day at the farm. I think Sweet Pea has lovely eyes.

Lauren Mc said...

Those Irises I gave you do have the crazy capacity to keep growing through winter. After the -20 degree windchill week last January, along with having a few sunny days after the cold, they decided it was spring and sprouted.