Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Although this has been a pretty tough year with a lot of changes and a lot of stress, I feel like in a lot of ways, going without makes me even more thankful for the things that I have.  I am so thankful for my beautiful turkeys (who are, in turn, thankful that they aren't dinner this year).  I am so thankful that my 13 year old cat, Harley, and my 13 year old Aussie, Charlie, are both very healthy and going strong.

I am thankful to have added my little mini-Aussie puppy Evie to my family this year.

Of course, I am so thankful to still have my Sophie by my side.

I am also thankful for my three beautiful horses, all sired by the most wonderful horse I've ever known.

I am also thankful for this wonderful old farm that I live on, with this big old house with so much potential.  I am really looking forward to my future here.  Simply put, I love my home, and I love how it's coming along (see the front overhang finished?!  YAY!)

 I am so very thankful for all of my friends and family.  Without your support I don't think I would have survived this last year, let alone all the difficult times before.  You're always there, giving me the strength I need and helping me to live a great life, no matter what gets thrown at me.  I can't thank you enough, and I love you all.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

We do have so much to be thankful for...

Keep on plugging - you've accomplished so much since I started following your lovely blog. Your farm and fur family are wonderful, and you're moving forward with educational goals. Lots of improvements...

Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

Alan T Hainkel said...

And a happy Thanksgiving to you, Harley, Charlie, Evie, Sophie, Paula, Fabian and Bambi.

And we all love you too... :D

Grey Horse Matters said...

We're all lucky to have so many good things in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!