Monday, January 16, 2012

The Crash

My computer died.

It died last week and I've been trying to get a replacement lined up.  Hopefully I will have a new one in the next couple of weeks, but until then, I'm freaking out man.

It's not what you think.  I actually have enjoyed not having internet access at home.  There's not much I can manage to do on my phone, so not having the "call of the computer chair" luring me into wasting much of my down time has been...well...different.  And in a good way.  For one thing, my house hasn't been this clean in a while....

What I'm really freaking out about is that school!  So, perfect timing for Murphy's Law to strike again, because I purposefully enrolled in all online classes so I could avoid doing the 100-mile daily drive to school.  Looks like I'll have to do that anyway for a while.  Our small-town local library has online access, but it is,, to say the least.

I know this too shall pass, if I don't pass out first, that is.  It wouldn't be my life, though, if things went easily.  In fact, I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself if my stress level wasn't at least at 90% at all times.  I'd probably cease to be.  I think adrenaline is my main form of sustanance these days.

So, dear friends, my blog will even be more sporadic over the next couple of weeks.  There will be much to catch up on....

Catchme Later!

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MTWaggin said...

Best of luck with school!