Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sophie in the Wheat

Yesterday my sister came down from Kansas City.  She's a city girl, but she does need to get a dose of the "old country" from time to time, so I drove her around out in the boonies.  I showed her some of Dad's land--told her about some of the family history and then we went and visited some of the places our ancestors are buried.

Sophie came with us, of course.  After all, "Aunt Toes" is her favorite person in the whole wide world.

Outside one of the cemeteries the wheat had not yet been cut and Sophie took off into it, hunting Lord knows what.  She'd pop her head up every so often...

...or she'd go into "Stealth Sophie" mode.

She seems destined to be a Kansas dog, doesn't she?

My sister and I laughed so hard at her antics, she had us both in stitches.  That "boinging," those ears, that faux hunt....

I took a this poor little video to capture what still pictures couldn't.

It's the simple little joys in life,

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Annette said...

Sophie's head popping out in the video is hysterical!