Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Things Come...

...even to those who wait for years, apparently.

My long-time readers know I don't post about men I meet or date--that's not what this blog is about.  I've shared my passions with all of you--the farm, the horses, my mini-adventures, both good and bad.  However, for the first time I'm writing about a personal relationship, because for the first time I have found something that is true and real. 

I am so unbelievably happy.  I mean that literally.  I feel like I should pinch myself every day.  The realism is starting to sink in, though, that I've found my match and my match has found me.  Everyone, meet Clint.

I could start an entire new blog about all the wonderful attributes this man possesses, but let me simply state for now that he is without equal.  He is perfect for me and wonderful to me.  I love him with all my heart.  He's the one I've waited so long for.

In future posts you'll get to know a lot more about him as we move through life's little adventures together.  I am so happy to have shared the last few years with everyone, and I...we...are looking for to many, many more!

*doing the happy dance*


MTWaggin said...

YAY for you and I wish you both the best!

Annette said...

Doing the happy dance for you!! Wonderful news -- I look forward to learning more about your man.

juliette said...

Congratulations! Enjoy! Happy smiles here for you!

TeresaA said...

aww. congrats. you two make a cute couple

smazourek said...

Yay! Now how is he with the horses?