Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eddie and Life

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their incredibly kind messages regarding Eddie's death. It has certainly been a difficult time that would have been much more difficult had I not had so much support from friends and family.

I'm doing fine--better than even I expected. I do have moments where I think my poor heart just can't take it, but as corny as it sounds, all I have to think of is Eddie's life and I can immediately stop crying. Even in death, he gives me strength.

I will miss him always, of course. He was buried in a place of honor.

I've already planted a rose bush to mark his grave, but eventually this will be all landscaped and I hope to be able to have a flagstone carved with his name in it one day (I've found the place, but need to gather the funds). Those small trees are Bradford Pears, so every spring they will bloom beautiful white flowers, reminding me that even after the sorrow, life begins anew.

Speaking of life anew, you've all heard that there is an addition to our family.

His name is Russell. His father is a purebred smooth coated Jack Russell terrier (whom I adore) and his momma is a Schnauzer. My good friend Darlene gave him to me. I hope he'll grow up to be a good playmate for Sophie as Charlie is aging and can't quite keep her as busy as he used to.

Sophie is less than thrilled, though.

She played with him yesterday, so she's just sulking because she had to share one of her baby toys with him, silly girl. Charlie actually seems to like Russell, which is surprising since he didn't care for Sophie at all when she was a new pup. Funny how they all react so differently than one would expect....

How could anyone not love this face?

Thanks so much for waiting on me, for sticking around and for coming back to check in. The blog will get back on track. Life goes on and there will definitely be good times ahead. Eddie would have wanted it that way.


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