Monday, June 7, 2010

A Quick Update

Sorry, no photos. We barely were able to make it to the classes, let alone get any photos taken.

What classes, you say? Well, this weekend I was invited to an APHA show by my good friend Darlene. She has an outstanding group of mares that she graciously allowed me to help show.

It was my first show in six years, so I was thrilled! I have fit for lots of shows but my job was always outside the ring. This time I got to participate in the fun as well!

The first day the mare I led got first in her class, but we were so rushed running back and forth to the stalls that we barely made the class and (DUH) I forgot to change my number, so we were disqualified *sigh*. Not a huge deal as there was only three in the class so no points lost, but it was still frustrating. Darlene missed her first class and was the only one in her second, so Saturday was disappointing.

Sunday proved much better, though, as a kind man offered to help hold horses for us while we showed so we didn't have to run back and forth--REALLY nice!! Darlene led her mare Grace into Ammy mares and won the class and Grand Champion, so she picked up a couple of points (unofficially) there. I led Uno (whom I absolutely ADORE by the way) into two-year old mares but we competed against and lost to who would become the open grand and reserve. Uno's in a growth phase so chalk it up to a bit of temporary imbalance. She's a hell of a mare, so time will be on her side :) Then Dar led Grace and I led her mare Candy in Open 3 year old and older mares and Dar won first and I won second in a decent sized class of seven! We were thrilled to perhaps pick up a few more APHA points on her horses. Not too bad for Grace's very first show, as well. She's a truly outstanding mare that Dar literally picked up out of a pasture, fit up and is now in the blue with her. Way to go Darlene Worthington!!!!!

We also ran down and watched Dar's daughters in the South Central show in Lyons. I can't wait to show on that circuit. They have competition at all levels so it looks like a wonderful place to start out and learn so much while showing. They have people there who show at the world level and people who show their grade horses. It's really a terrific place with twice the numbers as the APHA show had. I think I caught the show bug now. Time to get Paula going and get my trailer bought!

I can't thank Dar enough for such a terrific weekend, because the next few are going to be very difficult. Eddie hasn't been doing well at all and I'm afraid it's time to say our goodbyes. He's gone downhill over the past week and it's hard for him to even walk now. He's losing weight and is in visible pain, so I'm making the calls to plan out Eddie's final days. Please say a prayer for Eddie to have a peaceful passing. I will miss him so much I don't know if I will be able to bear it, but I know I have to--it's what I signed up for the day I got him. He'll be remembered by so many people who met him and instantly fell in love with him and he'll be remembered through his outstanding few foals and the families that love them.

So I hope you understand that the blog will be sporadic over the next week or two. Don't worry, it will be back. We have so much to look forward to, Eddie's fabulous girls and I. He never ever gave up or felt sorry for himself, so we won't either. He'll certainly take a piece of my heart with him, but having him in my life was totally worth it.


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