Saturday, March 3, 2012

Springing Forward

This is one of my favorite times of year.  I impatiently check all my emerging spring bulbs for even the slightest signs of growth.  I eagerly plan new garden projects.  I wring my hands in anticipation of getting my fingers into the soil in my vegetable garden.  In many ways it's better than the days leading up to Christmas, because I'm not looking forward to just one day--I'm looking forward to an entire season!

One of the projects I'm really getting excited about is the ongoing work in my back yard.  When I moved in here two years ago (almost to the day), this is how the backyard looked.

Then I got it cleaned up, put new horse shelters in and ran an electrical line so I had lights out here.

Then I started putting a path in.

Then I took the path out and used old bricks from the main street of a nearby town that they were giving away.

By the end of last summer, I had gotten almost all the bricks in the ground temporarily (since more electrical lines need to be ran).  Although my shade garden didn't do well in the drought conditions, overall I was pretty happy with my progress.

Then the lights we originally installed broke, so over Christmas my wonderful brother installed new ones for me and here is how the backyard looks now, pre-spring.

Now that I have a path in, I want to start expanding the garden portion.  I'm lucky in that I have a lot of room back there and there is a lot of interest, like this fallen tree (which is positioned to the left or north of the path), for example.

I considered having it removed, but I think if I trim up the top part of it, it can actually be quite an interesting addition to a backyard garden.

Then, yesterday, on the way home from the grocery store, I had a brilliant idea.  A garden pond!!

I'm going to install a garden pond underneath this fallen tree.  I will build up the area in the center of the arch and towards the back to create a cascading waterfall, flowing into a fairly good-sized pond.

It will end up being quite a project, but now that I have had this epiphany, nothing else right there will do.   Although who knows when it will be completed, I can't wait to get started!

Ready to rock and...flow,


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Yay spring! Yay projects. (I'm avoiding some right now...)

Just wanted to tell you that I planned to respond to your are we prepared post. I even dug out my notes that I got from my trainer once I knew I was buying horse. I had four pages!

Then I didn't follow through, because I could have spent hours... there is so much to that subject.

I did want to mention in response to the sub-q vs iv banamine issue...

This scared me when I first heard it, so I researched, and came across some info that suggested part of the issue with banamine in particular, is you inject such a large quantity at a time - compared to vaccines. Usually 10ml or so.

The recommendation got was if you can't get a vein safely, split the banamine into two 5ml doses, one one each side of the neck. Much less likely to have abscess issues with that quantity. :)

Alan T Hainkel said...

Lookin' good, kiddo...

MTWaggin said...

OMG big plans but you've done so much and it is lovely. Fun isn't it?

Emmi said...

Oh my goodness your place is beautiful! Just found your blog too.

Lauren Mc said...

A path, a path, bring us a shrubbery!

I'd love to have a small koi pond one day, when time is suiting.

I have done my share of cleaning pond/ fountain pumps for million dollar mansion owners. *blah* If they only knew how much work they are... must be rough not knowing. I guess that’s why I was doing cleaning job...

Maybe consider a "pond-less waterfall"? It still has a pump to clean but no pond or pond pump to clean.