Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Review

This weekend was the start to my spring break and I couldn't have asked for better weather.  It's gorgeous out!

The chickens think so, too.  

Evie insisted I get a shot of her.  I can't help but indulge her--she's such a cutie.

You can see the cilantro at her feet.  I rip off the leaves to use in my recipes and then toss the stems to the chickens.  They love them.  Now I just have to figure out how to get them to eat limes and tortillas and I'd have street taco chickens.....

Although I spent a lot of the weekend working on all sorts of projects (I'll share soon), the dogs did get to spend some time outside.  Charlie enjoyed watching me do chores.

And so did Milton, for that matter.

I keep telling Milton he's getting a the middle.  He ignores me and heads to his food bowl.  I guess he's making sure he's too heavy to get carried off by an owl.

Speaking of birds, my little remaining chicks are doing well.  I did add four more to the bunch--two sexlink pullets and two buff orphington pullets.  The kids grow up so fast.....

Fabian has grown up fast, too.  He's looking more and more like his daddy every day.  I am really looking forward to doing something with him. What, I'm not sure--but something!

I took two pictures of the sunset tonight and I can't decide which I like best, so I thought I'd share them both.

People ask me why I like to live out in the middle of nowhere.  All I have to do is show them these kinds of pictures.

And if they still don't get it, they never will....



MTWaggin said...

Enjoy your break and you live in the middle of nowhere for the same reason I do! LOL The baby chicks are so very cute and Fabian is handsome - how old?

Jessie said...

Thank you! He is four this year. I need to cowboy up and get on him, as soon as his little niece or nephew is born and I can get my roundpen fencing back LOL.

Isn't living out in the middle of nowhere wonderful? :)

Ana-Maria Marila said...

Hi Jessie! About your last statement in this post, I would like to add my own thoughts: I truly understand you very well, and I believe that this need of living free comes from within, and it is something you cannot control. Yes, you could try, like I did, but that deosn't mean you're 100 percent shure you can change the way you are. Take myself for example, I was born in the countryside, lived there until 18, moved to a big city until 29 and now I don't know how to manage and get back to the country. Guess the trip to town didn't work on me, huh? Kisses from Romania,
Ana (