Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Such Thing as Small Change

You probably thought I fell off the face of the earth.  Well, not quite...just computer-less and in the midst of a huge, life-altering transition:

Yep.  As blurry as that photo turned out (my Blackberry is so old it's now moldy), I'm sure you can still read it, even if you can't believe it.  I have to repeat it to myself often, even after being here for two weeks now:

I. Live. In. The. Mountains. Now.

Of course there is a LOT to catch up on, and while the "funny farm" portion of this blog has been temporarily changed to "funny suburb," there will still be lots to share, including the occasional shot of my adorable hubby from behind.

Dear Lord, I apologize.

While I may have temporarily traded in my farm girl coveralls for a jogging suit and an obligatory accessory cup of Starbucks, it doesn't mean much of a change for the format of this blog.  There will still be lots of nature, lots of critters, and lots of mishaps courtesy of yours truly.

For now, keep checking back as I post daily (I promise) updates of our new adventures.


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TeresaA said...

wow. can't wait to hear more!