Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tunnel Drive Trail

A few days ago, Clint and I heard about a trail close to town that really peaked our curiosity.  It's called "Tunnel Drive Trail."  Is it a drive?  A trail?  Well, sort of both.

We followed the signs and found the parking easily enough. 

From there it was a steep climb by foot up a hairpin turn to the top, where the trail leveled out nicely to a pretty view.

Sophie enjoyed the view, too.

Soon enough we discovered the "tunnel" portion of our drive-trail.  Clint gave Sophie a reassuring pat before venturing inside.

After each of the three tunnels, our views improved.

Careful, honey!  Oh, why does he have to be so fearless?  Maybe it's because I'm fearful enough for the both of us....

Sophie soaked up the sun.

She really loves all this adventuring....

Why is it that both my husband AND my dog are daredevils?  I really don't need any more gray hair at this point.

The Arkansas River in this area is so much prettier than it is back in Kansas (where it's pronounced the Ar-KANSAS River, which is really weird when you think about it).

The two sweetest daredevils to ever peer over a steep cliff:

Did I mention the view?  Just want to make sure....  Sure is purty here in these parts.....

Clint and I both thought the striations in the hillside were very cool.

After a mile, we made our way back through the tunnels.  The trail is two miles long (one way) but we'll tackle that second mile some sunny day soon.

In the meantime, happy trails to you!

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I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do :) …