Wednesday, October 17, 2012


No one is more aware than I am that my life has changed VERY quickly over the past three months.  When confronted with significant change, it is only natural for people to ask questions.  Rather than leave these questions unanswered, and therefore open to speculation, I thought I'd just come right out and answer them here on the blog.  It isn't feasible to do a "town hall" format here, but it isn't hard for me to guess what your questions might be.  In fact, I'll start off with the one I'm asked most often:

1.  Are you pregnant?!
~I never realized that the number one reason for a woman to make any change in her life is because she is knocked up.  I do admit, while it would be a good reason, to me it certainly isn't the only one.  People don't ask, "Why are you making so many changes?"  They just assume, "Well, she must have a bun in the oven or things would always stay the same."  I find it all a bit humorous.  

Anyway, no...I'm NOT pregnant.

2.  Why did you leave your farm?
~As I mentioned a few times, I did not own my farm.  It is owned, and is still owned, by my dad.  Clint and I lived out there for a short time but were not able to negotiate something that would be beneficial for all of us to be able to stay there.  It is a sad fact that sometimes no matter how hard you'd like them to and no matter how hard you work at it, sometimes things don't always turn out how you would like them to. Fortunately Clint and I had a second opportunity come up where a little sacrifice and a lot of hard work now and in the next three years will hopefully make for a bright future for us and our family.

3.  Why Colorado?
~Why not?  Actually, the real reason is because this is where the opportunity brought us, but it turns out we have many more reasons to be here.  Clint has always wanted to live here.  I love it here and I am closer to my Colorado kin while not being that far from my Kansas kin.  Since we are in southern Colorado, I won't freeze to death--it's the best of both worlds: mild weather with a mountain view!

4.  Are you still going to school?
~Yes!  After we had already decided to move here, I started checking into school programs and I found out if I am accepted into the program, I can complete my educational goals in half the time I could in Kansas.  Yay!

5.  Will you give up your farm life forever?
~Absolutely not.  Our goal is to return to the farm life in three years, in the area we now live in.  On a daily basis we talk about the areas we like, how many acres we'd like, etc.  I am so fortunate to have a husband who understands my passion for my horses and fully supports that. 

6.  What will you DO?!
~I admit, it's a big change.  But I also firmly believe that the only way we grow is through change!  Soon I hope to be very busy with school, plus working part-time, plus when my adorable step-kids are here, I am sure my days will be very full and fulfilling.  I have already picked out a spot for a veggie garden next spring, so I do plan to bring a little of the farm life to my new suburban home.  I am also very much committed to being fit and healthy with Clint: we support and motivate each other.  Working out and researching healthy but yummy recipes takes time and commitment.  Of course I plan to continue to blog as we explore the area around our new home--there are so many neat trails and other things to do in and around these beautiful mountains!  

7.  How are you coping with all this?
~While it is a lot to take in, this isn't my first rodeo, and as I've reminded the people who have asked me this, in the past I have always had to do it alone.  Clint is amazing.  He is my rock--as steadfast as they come, and I don't even have to falter for him to be there to catch me.  He is always there for me, so I dare say there hasn't been much "coping" to do.  We've had trials but when you're used to always having to face obstacles alone, finally having someone to hold hands with and face them together makes any mountain seem like a molehill.  So...don't worry about me.  I'm in an amazing place in my life.  I feel so blessed.  

I'm sure there are other questions, so if you're dying to know anything either pm me or leave it in the comments.  I'm back online and settled in now, so I won't be a stranger, and don't you be one, either.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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Annette said...

Thanks for answering all the questions. Colorado is beautiful. If we weren't in California, Colorado would be my second choice. Keep us posted on how you are doing. It's great to have you back!