Friday, January 2, 2009

2009's Great Start!

Yesterday I was finally able to bring all my horses onto my place, get the fencing up and start in on the barn. I still have another string of wire and a few more posts to put up to fence off the larger pasture, which I plan on doing tomorrow. However, I took a break yesterday to take some pictures of the kids. They looked so content in the setting sunlight. I'd like to think they somehow knew they were finally "home."

Here's Lil Baby. Please forgive her grass hay belly. No worries--they're on a 30-day rotation of Panacur, Ivermectin, and Pyrantel until spring when I'll put them on a normal rotation. I just love her gorgeous, sweet face. She is as sweet as she looks, too. I am so happy to have her in my little herd. I can't imagine anyone throwing this sweet baby away, but this person keeps doing it, and they keep ending up at my house. Hell of a way to get nice horses....

Here's Bambi. She's lost a tad bit of weight since our last photos but we're working hard to get it back on her. We'll start to work on her training soon as well. Both Baby and Bambi need to learn the normal stuff-standing tied, trimming, vacuming, etc. So far the little I've asked of them they've done very, very well. They are so much fun to have around.

Last but not least is Fabian. Now I normally don't let my colts run around in a halter and dragging a lead, but Fabian is a tank of a colt and not halter broke, so I broke my own rules and am letting him teach himself to give. I think it's a good method--just always worried about the safety issues. Well, tomorrow he's slated for some halter lessons and if he does well he'll get the halter and leadrope removed. He's also looking quite unkept--poor kid needs a grooming session as well. He's also only been weaned recently, so let's just say it should be uphill from here :) I still love him, though--he has perfect markings, a very laid-back attitude, and should end up a very nice big colt. His legs are so straight and good-boned that he'll be a horse that should be riding for years and years to come.
I wish everyone the very best in 2009. I feel so very lucky that my dreams are slowly becoming reality and I sincerely hope that all your dreams come true this coming year!

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