Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sudden Change of Plans

This last weekend's plans were forced off-course due to a very frustrating situation. Somehow I injured my back last weekend, but Saturday it got much, much worse. I was able to bring Seeker to meet Mo Hunt on her way to St. Louis on Saturday, but by the time I got home I was in terrible pain. Thankfully Charity, Dar's new filly I picked up from Mo was a dear and easily unloaded into her holding stall easily. I went inside and rested for a bit, then came out and introduced Charity to Bambi, her turn-out buddy and took a few pics to send to Darlene. I didn't get back out to bring Charity in, though--the pain in my back and legs forced me to go to bed early. Sunday morning I got up and hobbled to the bathroom, turned on the shower, and suddenly my right leg completely gave out. I tried to stand on the left but instead fell hard onto the bathroom floor. After a few minutes I was able to pull myself over to the shower, shut it off, then pull myself into my bedroom to my nightstand where my cell phone was. My first call was to my sister, who so kindly took her last day of PTO to care for me. My second call was to Mo--unfortunately the filly I was supposed to pick up from her (Laramie), had to ride home with her. My third call was to Vicki and all I got was a busy signal (JJ was due to arrive at my place that day as well). My fourth call was to Darlene. Thankfully she was willing to take JJ temporarily, and offered me some advice as to what to do. I didn't want to call an ambulance as I'd be paying for it forever, but I certainly didn't want to lay on the floor until my back healed, either--I needed to find a way to get better fast!

Once again Darlene came to the rescue. As soon as JJ arrived at her place and got settled in, she was on the road to my place. She and her daughter Sarah arrived at 2am with an awesome walker for me. Thankfully my sister had been there earlier, had taken care of my dogs for me and gotten me set up until Dar could get there. Darlene really went above and beyond any friend would do--she called my doc and set up the appointment, drove me in, filled out all the paperwork for me, drove me back home, hauled water for my horses, fed all my animals and checked on everyone and made sure I was not want for anything whatsoever. Because of her help I am able to get around and am no longer in constant pain. Today I was able to get myself set up so I can lay down and get online at the same time, so I can begin working from home as I heal.

I just can't thank everyone enough for all their help and understanding. I sincerely appreciate Mo taking Laramie to her house for me, to Kim for all her caring messages, to Vicki and Kelly W for coordinating JJ's travels so he's somewhat closer to home now, to my sister for caring for me on Sunday and to Darlene and Sarah for all your help over the last two days--traveling 10 hours in the snow and ice to help me out so much. I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends :)))

I thought I would close with a bit of good news. I decided to go ahead and keep Paula for now. I am so attached to her--she was one of my first babies and I loved her mother dearly. I hope to be able to show her at the 5-Star in September in Wester Pleasure. She's pictured above, about a week ago, now in perfect health.

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